The Feelings of a Book Addict During the School Year

Hi guys! Today I'm have a fun post for you! It's a little collection of the feelings we, avid readers, have during the school year and some of the struggles we have.

1. When a new book comes out and you don't have any money... because you spent it all in food and school supplies.

2. When you want to bring your current read to school and it wont fit in your bag.
3. When you're in the school corridor reading and everyone thinks you're strange and you're like:

4. When something bad happens in a book and you're trying not to cry in public... which is freaking hard....

5. When realise you gained weight because you just sit down and read in your free time.
6. When you find out that your test was delayed which gives you the time to read that new realease you're praying for.
7. When you're studyin and you tell yourself  "Just one more chapter..." and end up reading two or three books instead.
8. When you have to read boring books for school when you could be reading something much better...
9. When you stay up all night reading and can't get up the next day.
10. When hot guys say reading is sexy. (Just saying it, it hasn't happened yet but it might happen... even if it is in my dreams)

11. When you see a guy that looks like one of your book boyfriends.

 This is the end... for now!
I think this is already very long but if you like it I'll make a second installment (or more). If you have any suggestions or can relate to any of the things I listed above please tell me in the comments!

Love, Ana


  1. This is so accurate :D And staying up all night to finish a book is possibly why I kept yawning during my morning classes at uni, haha.

    1. Ahahah I comletely understand you :) Thank you :)