Book Blitz: Whatever You Call Me by Leigh Fleming

Whatever You Call Me
Leigh Fleming
Publication date: September 20th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Annie Cooper is fed up with Washington. More importantly, she’s done with being Senator George Cooper’s daughter and all the expectations that come with it. She changes her name and tries to start fresh after quitting her job, but the only position she can find is in the political world she despises.
Kip Porter is a two-term congressman from a blue collar district along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay whose ambition leads him astray from the core values he—and his constituents—hold dear. He needs Senator Cooper’s backing to get his bill through the Senate and plans to use Annie to do it.
What starts out as a simple game of hidden identity soon becomes complicated. Annie wants to prove her worth on her own terms, but the closer she grows to Kip, the more she needs to come clean. With unexpected romance blossoming between them, will Kip keep his own secrets, or reveal the truth in the name of love?
(This is a stand alone romance – you do not need to read Best Friends Book 1 to enjoy this title).
Annie felt the sting and quickly slapped the mosquito nibbling on her calf. They’d been sitting in the grassy field for over an hour waiting for the tow truck to arrive. The subs had long ago been eaten, but they lounged on the trunk carpet sipping what was left of their fountain drinks.
“Damn, it’s hot.” Kip began unbuttoning his shirt and pulling the tail out of his pants. “I’ve got to get out of these clothes.”
Purposely looking the opposite direction, Annie fought the urge to take a glimpse of a shirtless Kip, but instead looked out at the baking weeds in the field. She jerked upright when she heard his belt buckle clink.
“What are you doing?” she shrieked.
“I’m getting out of these clothes. I’m burning up.” Kip tramped to the car, walking around to the driver’s side back door, and leaned inside where Annie couldn’t see. She strained her neck and rose up on her knees, stretching to see what he was doing. A few minutes later he returned to their makeshift picnic spot wearing gym shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers. Annie dropped back onto the carpet and pulled up a few blades of grass as Kip dropped beside her.
“Disappointed?” he whispered in her ear.
“You heard me.”
“Why would I be disappointed?”
“You were hoping I was going to strip down.” He wiggled his eyebrows and nudged his shoulder into hers.
“Oh, please.” She went back to weeding the field, furiously yanking blades of grass and letting them flutter in the humid breeze.
“Come on, Coach. I saw the look on your face when I started unbuttoning my shirt.”
“Get over yourself.” She shoved back and then stood up, brushing the dust from her dress. “Should you call them again to see where the truck is?”
“What, don’t you like our little picnic?”
“Porter…seriously, we need to get back.” Annie glared at Kip where he lay on the carpet, resting his head in his hands.
“Relax, it will be here soon. Come lay down with me.” He patted his hand on the carpet and gave her his most salacious grin.
“Not a chance.”
“Come on…what are you afraid of?”
Annie stared at Kip, taking a tendril in her hand and twisting it tightly around her finger. She glanced over her shoulder at the car and then back at him, now lying on his side with his head resting on his hand. He patted the carpet once more and invited her over with a swoosh of his hand.
“Fine,” she said, joining him on the carpet and mimicking his relaxed position.
“Tell me about the mechanic.”
“I already told you. We dated in high school and he taught me all about cars.”
“Nah…there’s got to be more to the story.” Annie watched Kip’s soft lips curl at the corners. The memory of him leaning in to kiss her earlier in the day flashed through her mind. She sighed and flipped flat on her back.
“Not really. My father hated him…thought he wasn’t a good influence. We didn’t date long.”
“This is the first I’ve heard about your dad. You’ve never mentioned your family, actually. What do they do?”
“Oh, um…” Annie closed her eyes against the bright sun. “My dad is an attorney and my mom is a professional party giver.” Not a total lie.
“Sound like interesting people. I’d like to meet them.”

Author Bio:
After several years of saying she would write a book someday, Leigh Fleming finally fulfilled her ultimate bucket list item by writing and self-publishing a novel. In 2013, she completed her first work, Precious Words, a romance suspense story set in the glittering world of men’s professional tennis, taking the reader on a whirlwind trip full of love and danger.
Leigh continues to hone her craft and learn what it takes to create a page-turning novel. She has completed Whatever You Call Me, set to release in fall, 2016, and Whatever You Say, to be released spring, 2017.
Leigh lives with her husband, Patrick, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and is mom to adult children, Tom and Liza, and her two dogs, Lula Belle and Napoleon.


Cover Reveal: The Trouble with Ghosts (Here Witchy Witchy Book Three) by A.L. Kessler

The Bewitched Reader #6 : Can't Read But Wants To + University

Don't you hate that awful feeling when you just want to sit down and read but you just can't find the time to do it?! I do!

Image result for frustrated gif tumblr

There are times when you're just so busy and without energy that when you finally get to "reading time" you just fall a sleep with a book on top of you face ( don't laugh, I'm sure it happens to many people ). It's really frustrating and I don't like the sensation of not being able to read as much as I like to and want to but actually waiting for my university collocation, searching for low rent apartments and being a nervous wreck takes all of my time and energy. And, even though I find myself extremely productive in times of great stress I've been down on that awesome part of me.
Surprisingly there are some good news! I got in the course I wanted on my first choice and I'm overjoyed to be working with languages and literature, I still have to undertake an English language test on Monday so I can sign myself in. Even though this will take a lot of me I'm ready to face it with open arms, it isn't something I always knew I wanted to do but it's something I'm happy to do now and in the future wherever it takes me. When you love something don't be afraid to chase it!

Image result for chase your dreams animated gif tumblr
Love, Ana
Previously on "The Reader Diaries":

Review: The Portal to Kerberos (Elementals #4) by Michelle Madow


Author: Michelle Madow
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th 2016
Source: ebook (given by the author)


After being betrayed by one of their own, Nicole watches helplessly as Blake is snatched into the prison world of Kerberos—along with Medusa’s head, which is the one item they need to stop the Titans from rising again. Now Nicole and the other Elementals must enter the portal, find Blake, and bring him and Medusa’s head back to Earth before the deadly monster Typhon returns and wreaks havoc on the world. But there’s one catch—their elemental powers don’t work in Kerberos. In a dimension designed to make those within it lose touch with reality, and that’s filled with dangerous creatures who want to stop them from completing their task, will they make it out alive?
In this penultimate book of Nicole’s story, join the Elementals as they journey through hell to save the world… before it’s too late.

Book News: Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas

This is an exciting day for us all! The fifth and long awaited book of the Throne of Glass series is finally out (parties internally)!
We can finally know what's the next step on Celaena's journey and I'm a little afraid of what might happen, since Sarah J. Maas is a famed heartbreaker but if it's better than the previous book it isn't anything less than superb!

Image result for parties internally gif

It's finally here and that means that when I finally can get a copy I'll be isolated from the world for a few days, my room will be my fortress and I hope I can immerse myself on a wonderful story that I never get tired of reading!
I hope I haven't scared you with my excitement and that you can get a copy of this wonderful work of art (bookish art).

Love, Ana

Back to School Items Every Book Lover Would Love To Own

Hey guys! I know I've been gone this last week but I've been focusing on reading a lot so I can come up with more material to post here and I've also been stressing about my future since I'll only know my university application results on September 12, and I think we all know what anxiety can do to s person. Moving over the subject, let's talk about back to school and bookish items that'll absolutely make it better. If you want any of the items presented just click on the picture and it will lead you to the page product.

As we all know, book lovers have a tendency to bring books everywhere and to do that there's nothing more practical that a "shadowhuntery" tote bag whre we can carry our books whithout damaging them. I really love this one, it says: "Shadowhunters. looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234".
When you read a lot you end up having lots of ideas and anotations that you just have to write down! And what better place to write them down than this beautiful leather notebook. I've always wanted one, I think it would make me feel like a fancy writer who writes her stories in leather notebooks.

I don't know about you but I have a sight addiction to highlighters, the only problems is that most of them are in ugly neon colors, these mildliners range from beautiful neon to stylish pastel and they have me lusting after them. They're great not only for your school notes but also for that book you're trying to analyse and really have to highlight that very important sentence or word (like me when I'm reading Dante's Inferno).

Velaris Soy Candle - 8 oz *Candle of the Month*
I'm certain that everyone who has read Sarah J. Maas latest book, "A Court of Myst and Fury", is seriously in love with Rhys and Velaris and what's better than some Velaris scent for when you're feeling down or for when you have to do your crazymoutains of homework, which is one of the worst pains a student can have. Maybe it'll even inspire you to write that paper you keep pushing back!

Mr Darcy Pride and Prejudice book page bead necklace, copper plated chain
There are so many otions to show our bookish pride and being stylish at the same time that sometimes we kind of drown in them and this Mr, Darcy necklace is simple but great to discreetly showcase that we are book lovers and proud of it.

Reading Journal
During the year it gets hard to keep track of all the books we've read or want to read, a reading journal is the perfect tool to get all of your book notes on the same place and maybe avoid buying the same book two times because the cover changed and you couldn't recognize it... it happens sometimes. It's also an easy way to track how many books you've read and to help you complete that Goodreads challenge.

Wizard Hat Personalised Necklace - Literary Emporium
We're all wizards inside! That's why it's great to have one of these personalized house necklaces that will allow you to showcase your house pride and that are great conversation starters, besides the fact that they go well with almost anything you wear! Stylish and  bookish, what more could we ask for?

Alice in Wonderland Mug
Do you remember those awfully cold nights when you have to stay in and work the night away, almost bored to death? Well, here's the solution to your problem whether is to bring you some wonderland awe while you work or to help you get cozy with a book this mug is beautiful and original and makes me smile. Besides, if you think is too pretty to use then you can use it to put your boolmarks on your shelves or as a pencil holder in your desk for your school supplies.

The Assassin and Her Companions Magnetic Bookmarks || Set of Four
Bookmarks are essential to my life! Whether it's because I collect them or because I have the habit of reading a tone of books at the same time and need to bookmark the page I'm in doesn't matter. I need them and I can guess you do too. These Throne of Glass magnetic bookmarks are petite and pretty and discreet enought to always be inside your wallet, so you can carry then anywhere and always have them on you.
Countryside Flower Floral Pencil Pen Case Cosmetic Makeup Bag£¬ Set of 3
Everyone needs a pretty pencil case, whether is to put those precious highlighters, your school writing/drwaing materials or even your meds or those girly stuff we all need once a month. Carry them always with you and your notebook and you'll always be ready to take notes about books and about school!

I hoped you like this post and if you have more tips on supplies that book lovers want to have leave them down bellow in the comment sextin, I'll be watching.
Love, Ana