So now I’m going to talk about an amazing and essential website to every book addict!
Yes! You guessed it! I’m going to talk about the amazing Goodreads.
So, Goodreads is a website where you can create your own profile and add books to it.
You can create your own shelves with the book you love, the ones you want to read, the ones you want to read…
You can join booktalks, groups, conversations, quizzes and much more!
Goodreads has always been my reading partner, since the app where I can put my reading progress always saves my life when I lose all of my bookmarkers (it happens every single time I read).
In the future I will be posting more detailed information on Goodreads. But until that day comes you always have this.
Love, Ana

Goodreads website:
My Goodreads Profile:

My Meg Cabot Book Collection!

Hi! So, I know this is a very amateur video but it's just a little peak into my Meg Cabot Book Collection. The titles are in Portuguese because that's my language so I putted  the English titles in the video.

Love, Ana


10 Ways in How You Can Read a Book

Reading a book is always a fun task, here I made a list of 10 ways you can read a book.

1.  In the Winter, in the dark, under a blanket while drinking hot tea;

2.  In the Summer by the pool, while getting tanned;

3.  In the gym while you run on the treadmill;

4.  Laying in bed with your legs up on the wall;

5.  In the balcony (sunset is perfect and inspiring);

6.  While in a bubble bath;

7.  While you are eating;

8.   While you are hiking it’s always good to read on pauses;

9.  While you are making long trips (train, car, plain, boat…)

10.               Before going to bed, after a good bath, under a blanket, to relax your brain.

So I hope you liked my list! Let me know in the comments and give suggestions so I can make another!
Love, Ana


Starting up...


Hi guys! So, my name is Ana and I am a future book-blogger (you can see that I'm already starting). I love to read I want to share my passion with you all.

From my perspective books aren't just some sheets of paper with words all over them... They are stories, lifestyles, cults, imagination, life, relaxation, mystery... I just can't live without them; they're my little escape from reality.

Books aloud me to travel far and beyond to lands that I've never been or will never be, they also introduce me to new people (the characters).

I love the way that reading a book makes me feel: funny and smiling, like I'm on a cloud. It makes me forget about all of the bad things that happen in my life and make appreciate all of the good things that are in my life.

Readers usually are very sceptical about what they are going to read but I like to go with the flow, I like all book genres, but I usually stick to classics, historical romances, young adult, dystopian and manga.

I hope you’ll like the content of this blog.

Love, Ana

A flower from my garden! How cute it is!