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July Book Advice of The Month

Even if I didn't write a book review for this blog yet I'm going to start a monthly post in which I tell you my picks of the month!
In the end of every month there's going to be one post like this one!
My choice for this month is the Sweet Evil trilogy by Wendy Higgins.
These books talk about Anna Whitt, an American girl that isn't as normal as she thinks she is. She's a Nephilim, daughter of a Duke, but she's not the usual kind of Nephilim because her mother was an angel of light.
Her whole world collapses in the moment she meets Kaidan Rowe, also a Nephilim and son of the Duke of Lust. He is the kind of boy your parents would not want around you.
Anna is destined to save all the Dukes and Nephilim! Read the books to find out what happens.
I think that this is a very yummi trilogy that you'll should marathon through!
                                 Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)   Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy, #2)    Sweet Reckoning (The Sweet Trilogy, #3)   
Love, Ana

If I was a book character...

I think that every book blogger should do a post about what book character they would like to be. I love to read those posts and I hope you'll like this post.
I like to describe myself as being a very strong minded person and so I would like to be Clary Fairchild in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
I think Clary is a very strong girl and not just on the physical side but also on the mind side. She has her own ideas and her own thoughts and she's always believes in herself and on her inner strength.
Clary is a loyal friend and has an amazing set of friends/family that always help her to get out of trouble. And she's kind of very lucky, because you know... Jace Herondale!
I know that Clary has a lot of enemies and that there are many people/downworlders/demons want her to die and fail... but you know she's so strong and she doesn't care about it.
I know this is not a long post but my time is short so I did the best I could.
Love you all my readers!

Love, Ana
A drawing of Clary by Cassandra Jean

Books Everyone Should Read #1




10 Reasons Why Reading On The Beach Is Awsome

  • You can get a tan while you're reading.
  • You have a perfect calm environment for concentration.
  • Reading it's relaxing and it will make your day better.
  • While you're reading you make brain exercises so you are kind of studying on vacations without really study.
  • Maybe another person on the beach is reading the same book as you and you can compare notes and also make a friend.
  • Reading can be a family activity.
  • You can read the books you couldn't read during school time.
  • You have all the time on the world for reading and bathing on the ocean and have fun.
  • You have an excuse to buy new books and bookmarks.
  • If you are travelling you can buy books in another country and sometimes those books are cheaper.
Love, Ana

Greece, a country that is a fountain of inspiration

I know that this post doesn't look like it's book related but you have to see that was in Greece that most of the European civilization was born. In school we still learn things that the ancient Greeks found or discovered.
This is a perfect country to find inspiration, to think about life, to relax and, obviously, to read a lot.
The view from the plain window

All I can think everywhere I go in this country is the "oldness" of everything! It's all so ancient, so beautiful and so full of mystery...
Lord Byron loved Greece so why can't I let myself try to feel what he felt about this country.

Athens is a very dirty town but it has it's hidden wonders, I was so disappointed when I arrived because all I saw was dirt and trash and graffiti everywhere but when I visited the historic sites I found myself in wonderful and green gardens.

Even if it is a bit of a cliché I have to admit that my high point of the trip was the Parthenon. It is so amazing and giant. I feel like I am a little little ant compared to this majestic building.


The food is awesome, good enough to drown my tears, and people are super nice so it's very heart warming.
Next I went to Kos island, where I still am, all in this island is hot and there are many many mosquitoes at night but the beach is awesome with clear and calm waters.
With all of these conditions I have been reading a lot and there will be some reviews in a near future (I'm really really looking forward to it).
So after all of this I just want to wish you a good day and read a lot. 😍
Love, Ana