Women of History Book Tour: "Mary Queen of Scots" and "Journey to Gloriana" by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Mary Queen of the Scots:
The Forgotten Reign
The Legendary Women of World History Book 3
80 pages

Queen Mary Stuart was one of the most beloved and controversial women in Scottish history. The granddaughter of King James IV and his wife Margaret Tudor, Queen Mary's status as heiress-apparent to Queen Elizabeth's throne in England paired with the violence of the Scottish Reformation set the stage for one of the most dramatic and poorly understood lives of the 16th century.  Mary Queen of the Scots tells Mary's true story, focusing primarily on her reign as queen of Scotland, celebrating her life more than her death and showing us all why she was truly a woman ahead of her time.Features a detailed timeline, a list of Latin prayers with their English translations, and the lyrics to all four featured period songs performed in the book.Queen Elizabeth is perhaps the most legendary and celebrated ruler in English history. Yet do you really know her as well as you think you do?In this beautiful narrative biography you explore Elizabeth’s path from “Lady Elizabeth” to “Gloriana” through the lens of her relationship with Robert Dudley, a relationship far more contentious than most people believe. Politics and religion collide, provoking Elizabeth to console herself with her music, and a hard decision lays before her as plots against her life threatens her throne.Take the journey to Gloriana and discover a side to Elizabeth you never knew existed.Features six medieval and Elizabethan songs, a detailed timeline, and an extensive suggested reading list. Continues "Mary Queen of the Scots."

Queen Elizabeth Tudor:
Journey to Gloriana
The Legendary Women of World History Book 4
90 pages

I am by your Council from you commanded to go to the Tower, a place more wanted for a false traitor than a true subject, which though I know I desire it not, yet in the face of all this realm it appears proved,” wrote Princess Elizabeth Tudor in her eleventh-hour letter to sister Queen Mary as guards waited to transport her to the prison at the Tower of London.

Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller is author of over twenty books published and self-published since August, 2012 and in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to Chinese and everything in between. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms. Rockefeller is passionate about education and improving history literacy worldwide. With her lyrical writing style, Laurel's books are as beautiful to read as they are informative.In her spare time, Laurel enjoys spending time with her cockatiels, attending living history activities, travelling to historic places in both the United States and United Kingdom, and watching classic motion pictures and classic television series.

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More Swoon Worthy Book Nooks

Back in 2015 I compiled a bunch of beautiful pictures and published a post called 10 Reading Nooks That Will Make You Swoon. Never had I ever imagined that a simple list would become one of my most viewed posts ever.
Book nooks are more than simple book corners that look good. I deeply believe that comfort and ambience deeply impact the reading experience. No one likes to read all hunched over and uncomfortable. We all do it when we need to but it does not mean that we enjoy it.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary defines a nook as being "a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security". It does not have to be a fancy room filled with fancy shelves, for some people it might just be a pillow on the floor with some faerie lights. Just do what makes you happy, do what you know will improve your reading experience.
In the future, I will be creating a blog post dedicated to my own book nook but until then here are some inspiration photos.

1. Classy French Château style: what looks better than a big shelve filled to the brim with fancy leatherbound books and a chaise longue with a warm and coy blanket? I can almost picture spending multiple hours devouring my precious book while sipping on wine. Did you notice the chest as a coffee table? I am in love with this classic style!

2. Independent Book Store Nook: A book nook can be a public usage kind of thing. There are many independent bookstores around the world that have that special ambience and character.  

3. The Secret Book Nook: Having your library is fun isn't it? Well, imagine that inside that library you had a secret passage to your own private book nook. Secret passageways are so much fun and make me feel like I am in an Agatha Christie or a Gothic novel. I imagine hiding away for hours and no one bothering me, I could laugh, cry and think out loud without anyone ever realising it.

4. Cosy Rustic Corner: This little corner looks like a cross between a country house and a greenhouse. That ambience with the added faerie lights creates the perfect reading mood. Just imagine how great it would be to spend rainy days huddled up in bed under your covers while you listen to the rain fall all around you.

5. The Mountain Cabin nook: You can create your own nook wherever you go, even if you are on a vacation in the mountains. A little cosy couch with a blanket, some good lighting and a reading partner are enough to create the perfect reading nook. You could spend so many nights reading by each other while sipping hot beverages in front of a fireplace (yes, I am currently daydreaming).

6. The Closet-Library Nook: You lack space for your books but have a walking closet you do not need? Well, here is the perfect solution! I really love the way this space was repurposed and the little couch is just too cute. I can imagine reading here for hours on end.
@rebecca_the_archer has some beautiful spots in her personal library!

7. A Book Nook made of Books: Who said you cannot use books as building blocks? I think this looks very cute. Personally, books have fallen on me too many times for me to be brave enough to even try this but if you can handle it it is a very original idea. It looks very warm and cosy!
Why you should build a reading den, and how to do it.

8. Colour-Coded Book Nook: If you can colour-code your shelves why not add a bed bellow so you can enjoy your babies in the company of all your other beautiful babies? Besides being a very effective and eye-pleasing way to display your books, you can rest your back on the shelves and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. (Did you notice the letter decorated blanket? This is what my dreams are made of!)
// pinterest: AWIPmegan //

9. Whimsical Book Nook: This a very simple but effective way to create a very whimsical and magical reading environment! You just need an IKEA net canopy, some faerie lights, some fake flowers and a comfortable chair. This is a very space-saving option and that looks just like, or even better, other book nook ideas.
Our fairy fort reading nook we made with a Pier 1 papasan chair, an IKEA canopy, curtain lights and floral garlands. Such a magical place to read or nap!

10. A Morrocan Inspired Book Nook: Who told you that your travels couldn't inspire you? Using a Morrocan inspired aesthetic proved to be very effective in this example. When you get to this little corner you almost immediately get the relaxing reading vibes. My favourite details are the canopy and the candles in contrast with the brick fireplace, they give it an out of this world look.
Reading nook.

11. A Book Nook in a Giant Window Seat: This is a great example of how to bring a new life to an otherwise unused space. The dark environment of the attic, contrasting with the bright window. mixed with the faerie lights and the comfy beds and pillows sound marvellous. Just imagine how many hours you could spend reading in this attic. Also, I love hardwood floors, they give the room a different more countryside-ish vibe.
Dreaming about fantasy worlds in this cute area. | 31 Places Bookworms Would Rather Be Right Now

12. A Faerie Bed Book Nook: Not everyone has the space to have a separate book nook and some might even prefer to read in their own bed. Here is the solution on how to convert your bed into a book nook. You can create your own magical and inspiring reading corner in your own bed! One of my favourite features in this space is the effect of the faerie lights behind the hung material.

What is your idea of a perfect book nook? Of the ones I inserted in this post wich one is your favourite? Comment below!

Book Blitz | Giveaway: The Final Six by Alexandra Monir

Women of History Book Tour: "Boudicca" and "Catherine" de Valois by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni
The Legendary Women of World History Book 1
by Laurel A. Rockefeller
52 pages

Why is The Morrígan's raven crying? Only Britons with hearts for true liberty know!
In 43 CE Roman conquest of Britannia seems all but certain -- until a chance meeting between King Prasutagus of the Iceni and a runaway slave of royal decent from the Aedui tribe in Gaul changes the fate of the British islands forever.
Rise up for liberty with the true story of Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni and discover one of the most inspiring stories in history! 
A Legendary Women of World History creative non-fiction biography.

Catherine de Valois:
French Princess, Tudor Matriarch
The Legendary Women of World History Book 2
68 pages

War made her queen of England. Her love for a Welshman made her immortal.
Best known as Henry V's Agincourt bride from Shakespeare's "Henry V," Catherine de Valois was an extraordinary woman of faith, courage, and conviction in an age of politically powerful women. 
A younger daughter to King Charles VI of France terrorized by his mental illness, Princess Catherine survived the ravages of his schizophrenia, a civil war at home, and King Henry's war with France to become one of Renaissance England's most fascinating and courageous queens. 
A Legendary Women of World History narrative biography.
Includes a War of the Roses family tree, detailed timeline, and detailed suggested reading list/bibliography.

Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller is author of over twenty books published and self-published since August, 2012 and in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to Chinese and everything in between. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms. Rockefeller is passionate about education and improving history literacy worldwide. 
With her lyrical writing style, Laurel's books are as beautiful to read as they are informative.
In her spare time, Laurel enjoys spending time with her cockatiels, attending living history activities, travelling to historic places in both the United States and United Kingdom, and watching classic motion pictures and classic television series.

One winner each week will receive a sapling tree from the Arbor Day Foundation – trees will vary depending on the winner's region – US only. There will also be two random winners for a special mystery prize- drawn at surprise moments during the tour!

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Book Blitz: Duty Bound (Angelbound Origins 0.5) by Christina Bauer

Duty Bound
Christina Bauer
(Angelbound Origins 0.5)
Published by: Monster House Books
Publication date: February 27th 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
An Angelbound Prequel Novella by Christina Bauer
As the High Prince of the demon-fighting thrax, Lincoln knows he must marry for political gain. Not that he minds. For all of his eighteen years, Lincoln’s been bound to his duty. Fighting demons is his life, and he’s never given romance a second thought. Instead, the High Prince lives for the days when he leaves his hidden realm to fight demons on Earth.
Then, everything changes.
Lincoln and his nobles become forced to visit Purgatory, the home of quasi-demons (who are mostly human with a bit of demonic DNA). Here Lincoln spies Myla Lewis, a lady warrior who enflames his heart, ignites his interest, and inspires his respect. Trouble is, Myla’s also a quasi. By thrax law, Lincoln must kill anything demonic—not date them. For the first time in his life, Lincoln wonders if he’ll follow his duty…or heed the demands of his heart.
Grab Angelbound – Book 1 – for FREE:
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I am Lincoln Vidar Osric Aquilus, High Prince of the Thrax. My people are renowned as the greatest demon hunters across Heaven, Hell, Earth, Purgatory, and the Dark Lands. At eighteen years old, I’ve killed precisely one thousand four hundred and thirty-seven demons in hand-to-hand combat, more than any other thrax in history. All of which leads to a single inescapable conclusion.
I can make it through this breakfast with my mother.
At least, I think I can.
“You haven’t touched your eggs, my son.” Mother spears a strawberry off her plate. After many years of maternal encounters, I’ve learned to keep my mouth closed in situations like this one. Mother will bring up her true concerns when she’s good and ready.
In reply, I merely maintain her stare. We’ve an odd relationship, but a close one. We’re both natural schemers, so neither wants to pass up a test of intelligence and charm.

“Perhaps you dislike formal breakfasts,” says Mother as she gestures to my tunic.
“I’m fine with wearing royal garb to meals. Rest assured, all my Batman costumes are safely packed away.” As a child, I fought hard to dress as a human superhero. Unlike demon killing, that was one battle I ultimately lost.

“So you say.” A small smile rounds Mother’s mouth. “Those tunics hide quite a lot.”
“True. I’ve a Bohemian Rhapsody T-shirt on under this thing.”
“I have no idea what that is, but I’m pleased to see you turned out so well.”
This morning, I’m dressed in a velvet tunic, leather pants, and tall boots. Meanwhile, Mother looks regal and lethal in her black velvet gown. She has porcelain skin, delicate features, and an all-knowing glare that reduces hardened warriors to mush.
Needless to say, I’m pleased that her glare has softened. I must remember to work Batman into our conversations more often.
For a few minutes, Mother and I continue our breakfast in silence. It would be pleasant, except for the setting. Our new feasting hall is located in Purgatory.
Yes, Purgatory.
This place combines the worst of a rundown human suburb with the best of a rotting Dumpster. The sky is constantly cloudy with two types of weather: rainy and about to rain. It’s part of the magic of this realm that the weather is always dreary. Plus, the sky never reveals the sun or moon, and even if it did, those celestial bodies follow different patterns than they do in other realms.
Closing my eyes, I let my thoughts return to the glittering caverns of my homeland. As a rule, thrax live underground on Earth in the realm of Antrum. For some reason, the oracle angel, Verus, has demanded the royal family—and our noble entourage—move to Purgatory for a short period of time. This wasn’t a popular idea, but the oracle’s word is law, so we arrived here three months ago. Until Verus sets us loose, our days will be spent in tents and wooden halls like this one.
I scan the empty benches around me and sigh. It’s hard being separated from the bulk of my people. Quiet breakfasts like this only make things worse. Usually our feasting hall is packed with thrax sharing breakfast at communal tables. However, today Mother insisted on having a family-only morning meal, which in this case translates into me, Mother, and a half-dozen terrified workers. Father should get here any minute now. I can only hope he arrives before Mother’s temper returns.
As if in reply to my thoughts, Mother spears another wilted strawberry with a vengeance. Looks like her temper will resurface before Father does. Bugger.
“You never answered my question,” says Mother. “You haven’t touched your food.” She spears a grape with such force the entire table wobbles.
“Careful there,” I say. “You’ll bring down the roof down.”
“One perk of being queen. I can bring down roofs and no one says a thing.”
At those words, the half-dozen servants in the room visibly shiver.
There’s no question about the general topic of Mother’s angst, either. It’s always the same issue: the House of Acca. That tribe is the largest and most troublesome of all thrax.
At this point, problems with Acca could fall into one of two categories.
One, Mother might be worried about my impending marriage contract with Acca’s most eligible noblewoman, Lady Adair. If Mother thinks there are problems on that front, she would be sorely mistaken. It’s a business arrangement, nothing more. I’d regret that, but I’m a prince. I always knew I’d never marry for love.
Two—and far more worrisome—would be if Mother discovered my ongoing scheme against Aldred, the dreaded Earl of Acca himself. I’ve many issues with the Earl, but my largest is how Aldred keeps leading his warriors into ill-planned demon attacks on the Earth’s surface. Thanks to the Earl of Acca, hundreds of good thrax meet bad ends every week. I meet with the families of the fallen, trying to provide comfort as their worlds fall apart. So many tears and ruined lives…and all so the Earl can prove his so-called prowess in battle.
It’s outrageous.
Even worse, my parents have forbidden me from doing anything to stop Aldred’s bloodshed. Per some ancient treaty, if I interfere with Aldred’s rights to lead his troops, then the Earl has the unmitigated right to execute me on the spot.
And as every royal knows, execution threats and breakfast do not mix well.

Author Bio:
Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick-ass women. In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part-demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory’s Arena and falls in love with a part-angel prince. This young adult best seller has driven more than 500,000 ebook downloads and 9,000 reviews on Goodreads and retailers.
Bauer has also told the story of the Women’s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter. Her pre-event press release—the only one sent out on a major wire service—resulted in more than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press.
Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.