9 Podcasts You Need to Listen Right Now

Have you ever wondered about what you could be doing while you are driving, walking, running, drawing or even gardening that both entertains you and contributes towards your general knowledge? Then welcome to the wondrous world of podcasts!
Podcasts are a series of episodes in an audio format that you can both stream and download! You can subscribe to them and be notified as each episode comes along and most of them even make notes available in case you want to check something that was talked about further. These series can talk about anything and everything you can fathom, so you will certainly find something that speaks to you!
In this post, I have compiled 9 podcasts that you need to listen right now! They are interesting, engrossing and fun to listen to and I know that you will find at least one of them speaks to you.

1. And That's Why We Drink


And That's Why We Drink is a dynamic and fun podcast, hosted by Christine Schiefer and Em Schultz. Every episode you get a paranormal and a true crime story (and a lot of amazing banter that makes the content even better). The hosts are able to turn the most gruesome topics into fun conversation starters and discuss them in a mostly lighthearted way. 
Besides the show's amazing hosts, Em's everlasting love for Canada and Christine's constant reminder that English is not her first language, you get some amazing theorising about current life, "young" issues and the warm feeling of having two friends you have never even met. They also make an effort to analyse older issues they present in a more modern light and often point out biasses and abide for inclusivity in every aspect of life.
If you like listening about interesting and creepy stories, from mobsters and assassins to Ouija Boards and haunted Airbnb's then this is a great podcast for you! I have started listening at the end of last year and am almost catching up to their current episodes (they have a lot of episodes released, so you're welcome to a binge listen!).

2. Let's Talk About Myths Baby

Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek and Roman Mythology Podcast

Have you ever wanted to listen to a Greek and Roman mythology loving millennial recounting the most (and least) famous stories from antiquity? Well, Liv has got you covered with Let's Talk About Myths Baby! Twice a week she tells you an amazing story with an added perspective considering the issues of male dominating perspective throughout times. She also sheds light on how the record-setting and interpreting of ancient texts and stories can affect their current narratives.
One of the things I really love about this podcast is how Liv is able to take the ancient source material and turn it into a fun and engrossing story that makes you want to listen more and more. She also draws constant comparisons and parallels between issues that can be found on myths and historical societies and current events that shape our lives. 
All the stories in the podcast are the result of Liv's dedication and dwelling through as many primary sources as she is able and, as a person in academia, I love that! Many times she brings light to subjects that I would not have thought of by myself and challenges my way of looking at certain myths and stories. She also has a very great list of sources she uses on her website so you can check them yourself!

Liv has just announced the publication of her first book Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes Handbook and you can pre-order it here!

3. The Dirt
The Dirt

In The Dirt, Anna, a PhD in Archaeology, and Amber, a former PhD student in Near Eastern Studies, apply their love of the world to bring us a podcast about Archaeology and Anthropology. In each episode, they analyse a different subject with recent themes going from hunting and gathering to ancient climate and art. They are extremely knowledgeable in the subjects they cover and often invited guest hosts that are specialists in their fields to discuss a subject.

4. Noble Blood

Listen Free to Noble Blood on iHeartRadio Podcasts | iHeartRadio

With Noble Blood, Dana Schwartz welcomes you to the world of bloody and fascinating royals. Through narration and sometimes scary sound effects, the host presents the narratives of some of history's most captivating characters. There is a reason for this podcast to be on the top of iHeartRadio podcasts. There is something very unique on how Schwartz is able to turn very historically charged narratives into engrossing tales that bring to light not only the bloody and cruel events but also the most human and personal side of people who lived so long ago.
To be honest, some of the narratives are so chilling and so well told that I had to stop listening to this podcast at night. I still love hearing it at times that are less probable to make me scared! 

5. Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends – Telling the stories of the past in the ...

Just like the title hints, Myths and Legends dedicates each episode (or some of them) to explore various myths and legends from all around the world. Besides the great energy brought by the host, Jason, it also presents great diversity in stories and tales. One day you are hearing about Viking legends and the next the subject has changed to Rumpelstiltskin. Honestly, I believe diversity and great storytelling to be some of this podcast's greatest assets. 
If you love to hear stories from all around the world, told in a great fashion with clear plots and characters then I am sure you will love this podcast! Before all of this pandemic business, I loved to hear this in my car during my commute. Sometimes I even ended up listening to the stories after I got home! Now I mostly listen to it during my daily walks and exercise.

6. Ancient Greece Declassified

Ancient Greece Declassified – Podcast – Podtail

This podcast is quite different from all I have mentioned until now. In Ancient Greece Declassified, Lantern Jack, a PhD in Ancient Philosophy receives a guest specialist in order to discuss a specific subject about Ancient Greece. This podcast makes informed and new discussion on matters of Greece and Antiquity accessible to everyone, even people who are not part of academia. The host always makes sure to locate the listener and explain certain topics that can be more complex.
Until now, some of my favourite episodes are the ones on Oligarchy, something I studied a little about during my bachelor's but that I had never delved deep into. Even if the premise of the show scares you a bit I still urge you to try it if you are interested in Ancient Greece! You will not be disappointed.

7. Ancient History Fangirl

Podcast list

I have never seen a podcast more adequately named than this one! Ancient History Fangirl is hosted by two self-proclaimed ancient history fangirls Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy. Throughout many many episodes, they take you along the narratives and tales of some of history's most unique and famous people. My absolute favourite episodes are the ones on Agrippina (not telling you which, you have to find that out for yourselves), a Roman woman who knew how to navigate the Empire's dangerous politics and which personal story has been widely negatively portrayed throughout history. For the specific episodes I am referring to, you should check out The Ancient-World Stark Family, Part 1 - Germanicus the Manicus and Part 2 - The Rise and Fall of Little Boots.
These two very charismatic and joyful hosts are able to share their very evident enthusiasm for Ancient History and share it in a fun and engrossing way! I love how each episode feels unique and how the audience can understand how much effort the hosts put into everything they present.

8. Pontifacts

Welcome to the somewhat interesting and scandalous world of Popes! In Pontifacts, Bry and Fry rank "all the Popes from Peter to Francis" with some delightful banter in between. Each episode tells the story of one of the Roman Catholic Church's pontiffs (including some initial episodes explaining the lingo and how the Catholic Church actually works). After reviewing the life and deeds of each Pope, the hosts rate him according to some very very fun categories and, when all the Popes are ranked, we will be able to know "who is the Popest Pope who ever Poped" (like they say in the podcast). Besides the amazing research that the hosts do, you get amazing comedy and simplifying of very messy facts.
This is a good way to learn some history since through the lives and deeds of Popes you get to learn a bit about the world and struggles that surrounded them (but in a fun way)!

9. Books Unbound

Books Unbound Podcast

I had to finish this list with my favourite bookish podcast! Ariel Bisset and Raeleen Lemay, who might already know from YouTube and Instagram take you through a journey of books and fun. Every episode they tell you about the books they are currently reading and the books they bought, finishing each one with answering to listener emails, advising them books according to their specifications. I will admit that one of the major benefits I get from this podcast is amazing book recommendations! Both Ariel's and Raeleen's taste on books matches with mine and they have many recommendations that I had never heard about. It is also amazing to hear great discussions about books from two people who clearly love to read. 

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