My Bookshelf Tour - Part 1

Surprise, surprise! Today I'm posting the first part of my bookshelf tour!
The video isn't awesome but it's my first time so I'll get better as the time passes... I hope you'll like it and please give me some feedback so I can get better!
Love, Ana

10 Ways to Save Money While Buying Books

Today's post is about 10 ways in how we can save money when we're on our book buying spreeds.
I putted together some piece of simple advice to help you read more and pay less!
  1. Buy books on sale;
  2. Have membership cards of the places where you usually buy books;
  3. Buy books online;
  4. Buy only the books you really want (if you're like me and you want all the books come and join the broke book buyers club);
  5. Buy paperbacks instead of hardcovers;
  6. Order books from websites where you don't have to pay for transportation;
  7. Make a list of books you want to read and buy only the books on the list;
  8. Search the bookstores near you and see wich one has the lowest prices;
  9. Buy used books;
  10. Buy books in bookfairs and secondhand stores.

I hope you find this tips usefull and helpfull!
Love, Ana