Redbubble Items that Every Book Nerd Wants

Hi guys! So, since we've entered the Holiday Season I compiled a list of things from Redbubble, that I think every book nerd will want and desire. I hope it inspires you with those presents to that book loving friend of yours that already has everything or even to buy yourself a really deserved gift. Go out of the box this year! (click the pictures to go to the purchase page)

1. "I am too emotionally attached to fictional characthers" T-Shirt
Besides being an universal truth for all the book lovers, this shirt has a cute design that goes with everything and can even shows your passion with a beautiful design!

2. "I only date villains" T-Shirt
You can never have too many black bookish shirts! 

3. Percy Jackson Themed T-Shirt
You're never too old to read Percy Jackson, so you're never too old to wear an amazing gold on white Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. What's not to like?

4. "Sorry I only date shadowhunters" Tote Bag
Everybody wants to date a Shadowhunter! Why wouldn't you show your love in your handy tote bag? You can carry books in thos you know?
With the TV series coming next year you have all the reasons you need to get one of these.

5. "I like fictional characthers more than I like real people" Mug
This is a good mug to drink tea from when you're reading your book!

6. "Black for hunting in the night" Pillow
Decorate your room and show your love for "shadowhunting", all in one pillow!

7. "Some people have lives some people have books" Pillow
This basically describes my life as a book lover! Like someone once said: a reader lives a thousand lives!

8. "Gryffindor Quidditch Captain" Pillow
All of your childhood (a.k.a current) dreams of being recognized as the Quidditch Captain are coming true! For those who don't like Gryffindor, I'm certain that there are equal pillows for the other houses.

9. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" Pouch
A handy pouch so you can store your stuff "bookish style"!

10. Celaena Sardothien Pouch
Who doesn't like a badass assassin on their pouch?! Be fearless with Celaena!

*Disclaimer: I'm not being paid or endorsed to show these products. All the things present in this post are my honest opinion.*


  1. I love all of these!!!!! Oh, I wish I had $ to spend lol. ;)

    1. I'm glad you like them! I wish I had money too! Add international shipping to the cost and it hurts even more!

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