My Dream (as a sometimes frustrated reader)

Have you ever felt like you should write your one story? Have you ever thought that that book wasn't enough and that you could finish it?
I think about those things all the time. It's hard to reach the end of a series. I want to know the character's entire life and not just that small piece that the authors show us.
These reasons make me reflect all the time on how it would be awesome if I would write my own story, with my own thoughts and my own ideas.
I've got to admit that I tried to do it quite a few times but it never worked out the way I wanted because I think I can express myself on paper but in the end it games out as a really really bad history.
Maybe all of the readers dream about writing something by themselves and I identify myself as one of those readers. I also want to change the world. I want to leave my mark. I want to have control of a story and surprise millions of people! 
Maybe someday I'll write something amazing and fulfil those dreams of mine.
I leave you with a picture of my beautiful shelve (one of many) that I always spend a tone of hours organising.
Love, Ana

Book Quote of The Day #6

Tris and August Waters in The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Book Quote of The Day #5

From Richelle Mead's "Vampire Academy"

Lisbon's Book Fair and New Books I Bought

Hello! This sunday I went to one of my favourite events during the year. I went to the Lisbon's book fair! 
This fair happens yearly, from the last days of May to the middle of June, in the Eduardo VII's Park (Parque Eduardo VII) in Lisbon (it's the portuguese capital, in case you're wondering) and it reunites the major book editors and author's around the country and some around the world.
I love to go to this fair because the books are low priced and some of the books that are old editions or the ones that don't sell much they all end up in there.
They also have book signings with renouned author within the country and around the world.
This year I went on the very last day of the fair so I didn´t get all of the good stuff but that doesn't mean that I didn't get amazing books (majorly low priced ones).
First I went to the fair and then I went sight seeing!
The Fair

The Baixa do Chiado

The Santa Justa's Elevator

 I'm so happy that I was able to get some very good books (very low priced), I wanted to buy more but currently the money is tight so here's what I got!
This very nice lady from the fair gave me this book case to protect my books when I go to the beach! I't so cool!

 I bought translations instead of originals so I'm going to tell you the english names, but these are the portuguese covers! These books are all paperbacks.
The first book is "Night Star" by Alyson Noel, I already had bought all of the books in the Imortal Series until this one in 2012 and then I never picked them up again but I saw this in the fair and I went like: "Don't be stupid! You've got to read them! Don't you hear them calling you?!". So basically I bought them...
In the Imortal Series by Alyson Noel I also bought "Everlasting". This is the sixth and final book in the series and I can tell you that is good, very very good. 
 Then I bought two books that I need to read in the holydays for school. One is "O Livro de Cesário Verde" that is a book that has some poems by Cesário Verde, a very renowned portuguese poet and the other is "A Cidade e as Serras" by Eça de Queirós (the translation of the title is something like "The City and the Mountains"). 

Finally I purchased the first two books in the Hex Hall Series, by Rachel Hawkings: Hex Hall (#1) and Demon Glass (#2).
The first one has a very cool original cover (the first picture)  but it brings a dust jacket with a different cover (the second picture).
My favourite cover is the original cover from the first book because it looks prettier and is has a lot to do with the plot and the other two simply don't.
I can tell you that these books are so amazing that I read them all in two days (that was kind of slow for me).

I hope you all liked this update and that when you come to Portugal you will visit Lisbon and the annual fair!
I love you all and I hope you have a bookish day!

Love, Ana
P.S.: Please don't take my updates as bragging!

Book Quote of The Day #4

In Underworld (the Abandon series) by Meg Cabot

Buying Books Online: The Struggle.

Today I'm going to talk about the struggle of buying books online from foreign countries.
Living in a country where buying books on scores is very expensive I like to order books online. It's my way of saving money while I'm buying things I really like and love.
I live in Portugal, and many of the books I like are not even translated to my language so my only option is to order on foreign countries sites.
The books in there are very inexpensive but do you want to know what makes this whole thing really bad? I have to pay to bring the books from the original countries to Portugal!
I have to pay extra money and I don't think that's fair!
Well there are some sites where I don't need to pay extra but the books there are more expensive!
So this is my struggle: buy more expensive books without paying more or buy less expensive books and pay a little more.
What's your struggle?
Love, Ana

Book Quote of The Day #3

Paper Towns by John Green

Book Quote of The Day #2

Sydney Cartron in A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Book Quote of The Day #1

Will Herondale in The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

Upcoming content! Really cool news!

As you might know, school is ending here in Portugal! Do you know wath that means?
Book reviews for everyone!
So, my project for the Summer is to review:
  •  The Infernal Devices series and The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare;
  • Some books by portuguese writers;
  • Maybe some of Meg Cabot's Books (because there's a new one coming out!!!);
  • And other books  I might read (only if I have the time).
I'm also planning to go to the Book Fair in Lisbon so I might post something about it and tell you wath I bought!
I hope you all will have a wonderful day and may the force be with you!
Love, Ana