The Reader Diaries #19: Where Have I Been + Struggling to Find Motivation

Hello, my lovely readers! It has been a month since I last wrote/posted anything on this blog. You may ask: What happened to me? Where have I been? Why am I not posting as much? Well, today I am here to answer your questions!
As you may know, I and currently in the second year of my university course in Languages, Literature and Culture, saying that things are getting harder is a gross understatement. My constant strive towards perfect grades and the level of work that I demand myself have been wearing me down. Sadly, I am not achieving my academic goals for the year and that makes me sad and unmotivated. In my search for motivation, I have found many tricks and support in the studyblr community. It is a great group of people that want to obtain success in their academic careers and help each other.
In the midst of my inner struggle, I was accepted to study a semester abroad! The whole process of applying and now, after acceptance, the paperwork and research necessary to actually go to my destination are wearing me out. I am supposed to spend the Autumn Semester of 2018/2019 at the University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom. I have always dreamed of studying in the UK hope to do my masters there so I am hoping that spending some time taking in their higher education system and the day-to-day living improves my chances of future success. To be honest I hope that I come out a more fulfilled person out of all of this.
Thanks to all my worries and lack of self-confidence my mental health has been really down. I have no energy and I have been neglecting my creative outlets: I haven't written, painted or drew in over a month. I have not been reading. I have been secluded in myself and in my pain. There are too many things happening in my life that are bringing me down and I have been letting them.
The past weeks I have been trying, even more, to come out of this well I put myself into and have been going to a psychologist to help me deal with my problems and get me back to a better place. I have been taking baby steps towards a better mental health and a better sense of myself. Spoiler alert: I has not been easy. The step I am taking this week is coming back to this blog, my baby and cutting  (added) sugar from my diet for 6 days.
I am happy to inform you that I have started reading again and that I hope that soon I will have good content to post for you. In my point of view if I am not going to post good content then I should not post anything at all. I have also started posting some pictures on the blog's Instagram page, meddling with new ways to promote my "brain child" is always fun and relaxing.
I am very excited to be back and hope that you are excited to have me back. Thank you for supporting me!
Love, Ana

Here's the last thing I posted on the blog's Instagram (I hope you like it):

Review: Assassin of Truths (Library Jumpers #3) by Brenda Drake

34921582Author: Brenda Drake
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Publication Date: February 6th 2018
Source: ebook (given by Netgalley)


The gateways linking the great libraries of the world don’t require a library card, but they do harbor incredible dangers.
And it’s not your normal bump-in-the- night kind. The threats Gia Kearns faces are the kind with sharp teeth and knifelike claws. The kind that include an evil wizard hell-bent on taking her down.
Gia can end his devious plan, but only if she recovers seven keys hidden throughout the world’s most beautiful libraries. And then figures out exactly what to do with them.
The last thing she needs is a distraction in the form of falling in love. But when an impossible evil is unleashed, love might be the only thing left to help Gia save the world.