Review: Confused (Betrothed #3) by Wanda Wiltshire


Author: Wanda Wiltshire
Publisher: Pantera Press
Publication Date: March 1st 2016
Source: ebook (given by Netgalley)


Defeated by shattering news after only just surviving the Shadow Fae, Marla abandons both Faera and her future role as Queen. With King Telophy's aid, she returns to Earth, to the human family she knows and loves.
But nothing is ever simple.
With their immortality looming, Marla and her twin Lysander are soon plunged into a world they never knew existed, a world of magic, violence and lust, where a simple mistake could have devastating consequences.
Meanwhile the Shadow Fae are causing havoc on a breathtaking scale with Marla's loved ones facing dire peril.

*The publisher provided this book in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.*
After seeing something, following the defeat of the Shadow King, Marla decides to abandon Faera and her future role as Queen and get back to Earth where she tries to build her life back up from the ashes.
But things are not as simple as they may look like...
Reaching their immortality, Marla and Lysander, her twin, are very quickly drawn to a world they never knew existed and the surprising dangers that come with it.
While this is happening, the Shadow Fae are creating panic and chaos all over Faera, and Marla's betrothed and family face constant danger...what will happen?
Before I get deep into my thoughts about this book I want to start by warning you that, once you pick this up, you can be certain that you'll cry and it's not going to be "pretty", it will hurt you and you'll feel awesome and awful at the same time, and if that doesn't tell you that this is a great book, I don't know what will!
Marla has evolved quite a bit in comparison with the previous instalments but still, I find her a bit childish sometimes, what is natural, if you consider she starts this book with 17 years old. I believe King Telophy is someone who stands out in the overall plot, something is happening and has happened to him and it's very important to the overall plot but you don't quite know what it is.
The danger rises and you get to see all the characters showing different and diverse sides of their personality and maybe some are not as good as you think and others are way worse than you thought.
The author explored Faera so well that you'll learn so many new bits and pieces about it, it's all part of an intricate reality that will make your own world crumble into pieces, as all your delusions disappear and the fog in your eyes clears. What remains is closer to the truth but not true yet.
I advise this book to anyone out there, it gets better than the previous books! I'm very excited to read the next book because if an author can make me feel, then that author has completely proven himself to me!


  1. I haven't heard of this series but I like the covers and the concept. It's also great to see a series that continues to improve.

    1. I agree! I'm very curious to where the story is heading, since currently I have no idea! ;)