The Reader Diaries #1

Hello readers and welcome to my new weekly post : " The Reader Diaries"
I created this post because I think it would be wonderful to post more than reviews and expand my content! This post will allow me to share my daily struggles with reading and being a book lover and I hope that you share yours with me too!
I'm still thinking on ideas on how to spice up this weekly post so if you have any and don't mind sharing please comment down below.
So let's get down to business!

This week I'm reading:

This week I finished:

I haven't been reading a lot lately and that makes me sad and frustrated! Have you ever felt like you don't have time for anything and that everyhing you do is just not enough? That's how I feel.
Me and my scouts group are making a raft for a competition in the beginning of September and because of that I've been working like crazy!
Here's a little sneak peek to our handiwork! I know it might seem crazy but we are going to the river with this thing and we are going to be there for a whole weekend!
Don't worry I won't die!

Now, jumping to the reading part (since that's the whole purpose of this post)!
I've been having some trouble with finishing "Heir of Fire" and it has been that way for awhile now. The two previous books knocked me out of my little world and brought me to my knees but this one is not doing that, yet!
The parts about the wiches are not very interesting for me but that might be dued to my obsession with Celaena Sardothien and her actions and my extreme dislike for Dorian and Chaol in this book! I dream about Dorian and Celaena being together but is not happening!
I don't have a formed opinion on the other book I'm currently reading "The Dream Engine" since I just started reading it this week!

I finished four books this week and I'm really proud of myself but now I have to keep reading and put my reviews on this lovely blog and on Netgalley since I'm tired of getting notifications about the fact that I've given 25%  feedback! I'm not a machine!
I'm bummed because no one has ever invented a waterproof book! How could no one remember that! I'm going to the river the whole weekend and I can't read!
Please tell me you can relate to this!
But this week I have been able to pass many glorious nights reading while I drink my cocoa in my bed, wich is the best feeling ever! It's like when you're in the winter and you sit in your room with only your reading light swiched on and you read while hearing the rain... So good!
I really hope that you enjoyed this first weekly post and I promise I'll come up with some ideas to discuss every week and not just talk about my personal life!
You can submit ideas in the comments if you want to!
I leave you with a beautiful quote from "Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas.

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