The Erasmus Diaries #2: Adapting to a Different Life

Remember when I promised that I would try to write more often? Well, that plan fell through (as you can probably see by my lack of posting)... When I came to England I had no idea of what was really waiting for me over here. I love being here, I feel at home, but there are some things that are still a struggle for me.
I remember being little and having so many dreams in my head. I have always been fascinated by mythology, folklore, traditions, literature and history. That is why I always surrounded myself with books and stories. I love knowledge, I love learning and I love sharing experiences with other people, even if I do not really like being wrong. Honestly, this whole trip seems like a fairytale to me.
It has been challenging to adapt to living in a different country, with a different teaching system, with so many new and different people. At the same time, I have been trying to make the most out of it, even though I am being afflicted with the common disease of not being able to read the books I need to read for school (all others I would devour if I simply had enough time on my hands).
A proud moment since I got here was that I actually managed to visit York! Yes, my heart and its love for the Dukes of York and the War of the Roses was hyped beyond description. I even made a travel buddy from New Zealand. Walking through the city walls, visiting York Minster and just wandering about the town being lost without really being lost was such a magical feeling.

The City Walls of York (United Kingdom)

The river Ouse, in York (United Kingdom)

York Minster, York (United Kingdom)

I know that I am not the best at taking photos but this was truly a magical, if short, trip. Wandering through the streets of towns like York is something that really calms me down and awakes my muses (who wouldn't be inspired!). There were so many cosy and cute bookshops, with some really nice sales, that I really had to get a hold of myself in order not to splurge in books.
One of the hardest things until now was my birthday. On the 21st of October, I was officially 20 years old (I know, out of the famous teens forever). It was really hard to spend that day without my friends from home and especially without my family. One thing that this experience has really taught me is that when you have to spend a long time away from the people in your life you learn how much they actually mean to you. Obviously, I cried a lot and then decided to send postcards to my bubbies back home. I was the crazy lady who bought and wrote 9 postcards (with very very tiny letters) in one day, hoping they would arrive at their destination quickly.
University teaching has been a real challenge to me but I am determined to succeed, no matter the challenges. I have set down a date and paid for my IELTS exam and am currently drawing up a game plan in order to apply for my masters, hopefully in the University of Edinburgh.
I am determined to post more, even if not being consistent. I love you all, you are always in my heart! Thank you for tagging along. Follow my personal Instagram account @tizanab and The Bewitched Reader Instagram and Facebook pages for more updates.

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