The Reader Diaries #13 : When Life Gets in the Way of Reading (and Blogging)

Hello my fellow book lovers! If you are a frequent reader of this blog then you must have noticed that lately, things have been a little hectic... One week I have the time to post lots of content and the next one I only post one thing (or even nothing at all). Today I am here to talk about why that keeps happening (even though I am supposed to be on vacation and have lots of time).
The first reason that comes to mind is my driving licence... well, my future driving licence. I am currently studying in order to try and pass the theory test and I have roughly about one week to show my instructor that I am ready to take it (which I am not). I have to take it as soon as possible because at the end of the month I have a one week national camping week with my scouts group (and those of the rest of Portugal) followed by vacation with my parents. 
I don not know the steps to acquire a driver's licence in the rest of the world but in Portugal you have to phases: the theory and the practical. You are obligated to pass the first in order to be able to even qualify for the second. The theory consists of a 30 questions test in which you are only allowed to fail 3, fail more and you are failed and have to pay in order to repeat it. 
The second reason why I am not posting as much is that I am also studying to take an exam in order to try and raise a final evaluation in a subject at uni. I think you have already guessed that that subject is something I am not particularly good at. So I am studying a lot of hours a day and really not enjoying it.
With all of this, I am not reading as much as I would like to... I would really love to sit down and read through the night but I cannot. When it's night time my eyes are so tired that reading hurts. So I am making really slow progress on the three books I am currently reading. One of those books is particularly challenging because it is in Italian and I have some trouble reading it. I believe my efforts will pay off next semester in Italian class.
The other two are a book I received for review, Enchanters by K.F. Bradshaw and the second one is Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. I really hope I am able to review both of these books with the next few weeks and move on to other new reads in order to post reviews and advice for you.
I believe you can assume that I am really really tired. Tiredness is something I hate but I've been having to sacrifice some of the things I want to do in order to rest. Resting is essential to keep your mind intact and your thoughts in order.
Please forgive me if I am not as consistent as I should be but I hope that by the end of the next month things will be better and I'll be able to deliver what you deserve.
With Love, Ana

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