The Reader Diaries #12 : Some Time For Myself

Uni is almost at the end and it seems that I finally have some time to myself! What did I do these last days I have been gone? Well, I went camping with my scouts group and received my new scarf, I also tried to spend some time with my family (while I don't have to go a re-take an exam) and waited anxiously for my grades to come out (spoiler alert: they did not). I also bought a great amount of book (I think that was expected).
I'm currently trying to think of new posts for you while also trying to improve my reading so I am able to review more books. Reviewing books is something that I love to do but I have to admit that sometimes it is quite tiring. I end up surrounded by various kinds of work and not much will to actually accomplish things.
In a short time, I hope to have at least 2 or 3 reviews and a Lisbon Book Fair Book Haul. I am also thinking of trying to expand to YouTube. It is something I am quite afraid to do. I promise that if I actually able to accomplish that goal, I won't leave this blog behind. Truthfully, this blog allows me to have a voice and speak my mind and for me, that is one of the most important things in the world.
Since it is the beginning of Summer I have to start thinking about how am I going to earn money. I need it so I can put it aside for future projects and to pay for my further education, as well as products in order to be able to create more content. Creating original content is very difficult sometimes but it is something that allows you to grow and "spread your wings".
Sometimes I need to remind myself that no one gets anywhere without effort and a little bit of a struggle. I want to be a self-made woman. I really do not want to be one of those people who live in their parents home for years and years. This is the struggle of my generation and I know that I am starting to ramble a bit but this is something that has to be brought to attention. There are less available jobs every day, the price per square meter while buying a home is also increasing and the number of jobless and penniless people has reached a peak. We cannot forget to support the ones that make an effort and attempt to build something of a career.
Well, I know that I rambled a lot... I hope to be back soon with some quality content that I'm working on (I promise). 
Love, Ana

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