The Bewitched Reader #6 : Can't Read But Wants To + University

Don't you hate that awful feeling when you just want to sit down and read but you just can't find the time to do it?! I do!

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There are times when you're just so busy and without energy that when you finally get to "reading time" you just fall a sleep with a book on top of you face ( don't laugh, I'm sure it happens to many people ). It's really frustrating and I don't like the sensation of not being able to read as much as I like to and want to but actually waiting for my university collocation, searching for low rent apartments and being a nervous wreck takes all of my time and energy. And, even though I find myself extremely productive in times of great stress I've been down on that awesome part of me.
Surprisingly there are some good news! I got in the course I wanted on my first choice and I'm overjoyed to be working with languages and literature, I still have to undertake an English language test on Monday so I can sign myself in. Even though this will take a lot of me I'm ready to face it with open arms, it isn't something I always knew I wanted to do but it's something I'm happy to do now and in the future wherever it takes me. When you love something don't be afraid to chase it!

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Love, Ana
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