Review: The Portal to Kerberos (Elementals #4) by Michelle Madow


Author: Michelle Madow
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th 2016
Source: ebook (given by the author)


After being betrayed by one of their own, Nicole watches helplessly as Blake is snatched into the prison world of Kerberos—along with Medusa’s head, which is the one item they need to stop the Titans from rising again. Now Nicole and the other Elementals must enter the portal, find Blake, and bring him and Medusa’s head back to Earth before the deadly monster Typhon returns and wreaks havoc on the world. But there’s one catch—their elemental powers don’t work in Kerberos. In a dimension designed to make those within it lose touch with reality, and that’s filled with dangerous creatures who want to stop them from completing their task, will they make it out alive?
In this penultimate book of Nicole’s story, join the Elementals as they journey through hell to save the world… before it’s too late.

*The author provided this book in exchange for an honest review.*
Nicole has been betrayed by one of her own and she and the remaining Elementals are trying to find a way to bring back Blake from the prison world of Kerberos, which was designed to make his inhabitants suffer in any way possible, it is actually worse than Hell, it's a prison for the world's worst and most dangerous creatures, including the ill-famed Titans. The Elementals must rescue their friend and Medusa's head in order to stop the Titans from rising again and that's not an easy job since they need it to stop Typhon from rising again on Earth.
In order to succeed they can't die in the prison world and they also need to put Medusa's head in front of their friends' lives, something nor Nicole nor her friends agree with. Besides all those problems, they are informed that their Elemental powers don't work in Kerberos and they depend only on their fighting abilities and their own hands and weapons.
Will they be able to get what they came for and still get out of Kerberos alive?
I have to say that, in my opinion, this series is evolving well, the books are not too long nor too short and the events are not tiresome but really innovative while also picking and reutilizing ancient stories and concepts. I love the way the ancient Greek myths are revived and given new life and meaning, it's surprising how far human imagination can go.
The characters evolve so much since the first book that you can actually compare them and see that they're more adult and conscient of their place on Earth and of their part in saving the world, without being cocky about it, they're scared out of their minds but they accept it graciously and mindfully. They also manage to keep being themselves even if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, which makes the good models for young people out there since they also have their flaws and conflicts. Humans are not perfect but that doesn't mean that they're not good or important to the world, it has to do with what we do not who or what we are.
I think this series is great and I'm anxious to read the next book!

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