TBR Update

Hi guys! As many of the readers out there I have a huge amount of books that I have /want to read and not enough time to read them all (maybe Santa will give me more time so I can read more) and, I reminded myself that I could do a TBR post so I can share with you all the beautiful books that are currently waiting for me, mainly on my Kindle.

As you may see, and these are just a sample of what lies ahead of me, I have plenty of books to read and review for you!
I don't really know much about these books, only that at the time that I requested them on Netgalley they seemed pretty cool. I try not to focus too much on the summary because, that way, I can e amazed as I enter the story without knowing too much.
If you know any of these books or are intrigued by any of them, please comment down bellow what you think!

Love, Ana

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