Review: Soulless (The Immortal Gene #1) by Jacinta Maree

Author: Jacinta Maree
26127014Publisher: Inked Rabbit Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st 2015
Source: ebook (given by Netgalley)


Welcome to Soulless.
We are the generation that laughs at death.
Reincarnation; what was once considered a gift of immortality has become an eternity of nightmares.
Nadia Richards lives in a world plagued by reincarnation, a system of recycling souls where all past memories, personalities and traumatic events are relived daily in disjointed sequences. Trapped within their own warped realities, not even the richest and most powerful are saved from their own minds unraveling. Madness is the new human nature, and civilizations are crumpling beneath themselves trying to outrun it.
Within a society that ignores death, Nadia appears to be the one exception to the reincarnation trap. Born without any reincarnated memories and with printless eyes, the hot tempered 19 year old quickly becomes the ultimate prize to all those wishing to end the vicious cycle, or for some, to ensure they could evade death forever.

*The publisher provided this book in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.*
In the future death is no longer a problem, people reincarnate when they die, but what was once considered a gift is now considered a curse, since it's maddening the world's population. Every soul leaves a trace on the pupils and the government has used that trace to track down the citizens so when they're reborn, they are reinserted in the same place of society they were before.
Nadia is born within this society that ignores death. She seems to be the one exception to the reincarnation phenomenon and the only one without any soul trace. Being so unique, she quickly becomes the most hunted prize in the world.
This book, in the beginning, is very strange and awkward but, as you dive into this new world, your liking of it starts to grow and grow with every sentence.
The conception of a society where nothing changes and where the mistakes you made in previous lifetimes add up and might take you down is very interesting and the whole soul trace in the eyes is a very new concept and I really enjoyed it.
Nadia is so special and I think she is the only person in her world that doesn't need drugs in order to not be crazy! She has a very tough time and sets a very good example for younger girls and every person that might be struggling in life.
The story approaches very disturbing sides of the aftermath of living many lives, without your memories being taken away and it certainly touches the "creepy zone" sometimes and that contributes to the overall beauty of this literary work.
If you like dystopian like the Hunger Games or Divergent I'm certain that you'll love this book, even if you don't it's worth giving it a good shot. Be warned that it contains some strong language and very strong scenes.

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  1. Wow that sounds really different! I'm definitely adding this one to my TBR. :)