July Book Advice of The Month

Even if I didn't write a book review for this blog yet I'm going to start a monthly post in which I tell you my picks of the month!
In the end of every month there's going to be one post like this one!
My choice for this month is the Sweet Evil trilogy by Wendy Higgins.
These books talk about Anna Whitt, an American girl that isn't as normal as she thinks she is. She's a Nephilim, daughter of a Duke, but she's not the usual kind of Nephilim because her mother was an angel of light.
Her whole world collapses in the moment she meets Kaidan Rowe, also a Nephilim and son of the Duke of Lust. He is the kind of boy your parents would not want around you.
Anna is destined to save all the Dukes and Nephilim! Read the books to find out what happens.
I think that this is a very yummi trilogy that you'll should marathon through!
                                 Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)   Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy, #2)    Sweet Reckoning (The Sweet Trilogy, #3)   
Love, Ana

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