Greece, a country that is a fountain of inspiration

I know that this post doesn't look like it's book related but you have to see that was in Greece that most of the European civilization was born. In school we still learn things that the ancient Greeks found or discovered.
This is a perfect country to find inspiration, to think about life, to relax and, obviously, to read a lot.
The view from the plain window

All I can think everywhere I go in this country is the "oldness" of everything! It's all so ancient, so beautiful and so full of mystery...
Lord Byron loved Greece so why can't I let myself try to feel what he felt about this country.

Athens is a very dirty town but it has it's hidden wonders, I was so disappointed when I arrived because all I saw was dirt and trash and graffiti everywhere but when I visited the historic sites I found myself in wonderful and green gardens.

Even if it is a bit of a cliché I have to admit that my high point of the trip was the Parthenon. It is so amazing and giant. I feel like I am a little little ant compared to this majestic building.


The food is awesome, good enough to drown my tears, and people are super nice so it's very heart warming.
Next I went to Kos island, where I still am, all in this island is hot and there are many many mosquitoes at night but the beach is awesome with clear and calm waters.
With all of these conditions I have been reading a lot and there will be some reviews in a near future (I'm really really looking forward to it).
So after all of this I just want to wish you a good day and read a lot. 😍
Love, Ana

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