If I was a book character...

I think that every book blogger should do a post about what book character they would like to be. I love to read those posts and I hope you'll like this post.
I like to describe myself as being a very strong minded person and so I would like to be Clary Fairchild in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
I think Clary is a very strong girl and not just on the physical side but also on the mind side. She has her own ideas and her own thoughts and she's always believes in herself and on her inner strength.
Clary is a loyal friend and has an amazing set of friends/family that always help her to get out of trouble. And she's kind of very lucky, because you know... Jace Herondale!
I know that Clary has a lot of enemies and that there are many people/downworlders/demons want her to die and fail... but you know she's so strong and she doesn't care about it.
I know this is not a long post but my time is short so I did the best I could.
Love you all my readers!

Love, Ana
A drawing of Clary by Cassandra Jean

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