Book Highlight: Sherloc: Reboot by Nathan Boeker

Sherloc: Reboot by Nathan Boeker

Genre: Young Adult > Mysteries & Thrillers > Science Fiction
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John is an ordinary student at an extraordinary school. When his phone is taken over by an artificial intelligence program, John becomes an unwitting accomplice in a broadening web of intrigue. Sherloc is a first-person young adult thriller that draws you into a high-tech world of adventure and suspense.

About The Author
Nathan is a husband, dad, and communicator. When not writing, Nathan consults for learning technologies and plays with his kids. He lives with Julie and their kids in the Loess Hills of Iowa.
"I just started brewing cowboy coffee. Going without a filter makes my life feel more raw."

Nathan thinks you should give his book a try because: "John is a really great character to write about. I want you to be his friend too."

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