Book Highlight: Rise of Jotunheim (Odinsmal) by Sammy Zakaria

Rise of Jotunheim (Odinsmal) by Sammy Zakaria

Genre: Fantasy
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Forced to flee from his home on the island of Algir Oya, young Odin finds that the evil he'd barely escaped is already causing death and destruction on mainland Midgard. In a bid for survival, the humans of Midgard have united and taken up arms in a battle which Odin unwillingly must join against the forces of Jotunheim whose ruthless ruler, Loki, is enslaving humans to mine for the precious metal, Blóstein.
Befallen by a lack of strength and resources necessary to stand against Loki's army of savage footmen and bloodthirsty wolflike berserkers, Odin must venture with his friends Thedrick, Vili, and Ve beyond the boundaries of Midgard in search of an ally to stand with them against the Jotun invasion.
Follow young Odin's adventure across the realms of the fascinating ancient Norse world where his search for an ally leads him to frightening discoveries about the truth of a forgotten past.
About The Author
Sammy grew up in Denmark, but today resides in the land of meatballs and IKEA, Sweden. By day he works as an IT professional; by night a progressively balding couch potato. Aside from channel browsing and being fascinated with Norse mythology, he enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with his family.
"I like studying languages. It gives me an insight into different cultures. Por isso também falo português e espanhol. "

"I've spent 15 years writing this book. It has been a long uphill climb. Now, it's out and I want people to know about it, and hopefully enjoy the story that I put so much of myself into to create" 

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