The Reader Diaries #15: Book Slumps and Missing Posts

Lately I have benn finding it harder and harder to read. Do not get me wrong, I love reading, my problem starts with finding the time and the place to read. In the last month only I have camped for one wee straight (without a time or a place to read, or even a book) and I have been on vacation with my family out of my country.
I read a lot on the plane and read every morning on the subway but I am finding it increasingly harder to have the energy to read. Even when I have the "moment" I find myself awefully tired. Right now I have been discovering everything I can in London. I spend my days in galleries, museums and exploring the endless maze that these beautiful English streets comprise and I spend my nights sleeping soundly in order to regain my strenghts (so I can face the next day without face-planting on the floor).
When you are out travelling it is always hard to keep up with your usual routine and that is what's been having the most impact in my reading (and blogging). Still, I have been reading a book! I have been reading "The Book of Whispers" by Kimberley Starr.
At first glance I didn't like the book very much still I had commited myself to reading it so I went on. By the second chapter I had completely changed my mind! Since then I have been reading it every day on the subway!
I know this is not a very long (or fun) post but it is only to tell you that I am alive and well. I hope that by next week my posting will be regular again. I still remember you and have been thinking about new things for the blog.
Love, Ana

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