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Welcome to the PNR, Urban Fantasy & Dystopian Party!
This giveaway is brought to you by 22 fabulous Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian authors!In this giveaway, EVERYONE who enters will win TWENTY-TWO FREE – EXCLUSIVE – ebooks by the sponsoring authors (to be delivered at the conclusion of the giveaway), and one GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive a $1000 Amazon Gift Card! The Winner will be announced on April 1st at our Facebook Event. The winner will also receive an email directly.
There will ALSO be other prizes and giveaways happening at that event between now and our Grand Prize announcement! So make sure you mark yourself as attending so you don’t miss those great opportunities to win more prizes and snag more freebies!
Here's a sneak peek from one of the sponsors:
Excerpt from Fateful 
Book #1 in The Fateful Vampire Series 
By Cheri Schmidt 

Drawing the cup to her mouth for another sip, she noticed Ethan checking to see if her things were dry yet. He never allowed her to have any eye contact, even as she studied his face, trying to figure out the mystery. 
As the fire and the hot chocolate warmed her, and her trembling lessened, Danielle remembered BriannaHer mind had been so muddled by the gripping cold, she had forgotten her cousinShe flashed a horrified look to Ethan. “Brianna! Ethan, she was looking for me. She probably thinks I’m dead! We have to go backI need to call her.” 
Setting the mug down, she started fumbling for her phone. When she found it, she opened it, but didn’t dial Brianna’s number. “Ethan, what do I tell her?” she asked in a hushed voice. 
His expression shifted, becoming intent and calculating. “Tell her you went the wrong direction by mistake. Tell her you were confused by the screaming coming from all directions, and the fog, but that you’re okay.” 
Danielle exhaled in relief. “She just might fall for that.” 
She will if she knows about your lousy sense of direction,” hannounced lightheartedly with a smirk. 
Offended, even if it was true, she said, “Thanks, Ethan,” her voice seething with sarcasm, “Just remember, I’m not the one who fled the scene,” she reminded him, her tone cross. That wiped the smirk off his face. 
She dialed Brianna’s number and waited, then snapped the phone shut and tossed it into her bag angrily. “She didn’t answer.” 
I’ll check the scene to make sure she’s gone home, and I’ll return with my car.” Ethan then stood and turned to leave, but paused, turning back to her. “Danielle? 
She raised her eyebrows in reply, picking the mug back up. 
“Do not leave this place.” 
Nodding in agreement, she sighed. She wanted answers, but knew she’d have to wait for them. 
It took Ethan a lot less time to get back than she thought it would. But then as she thought about how fast he ran, she realized that maybe she shouldn’t be surprised at all. Should she be freaking out right about now? What was going on with this dream guy of hers? Seems she just found the elusive skeleton in his closet. What was he? Could she still trust him? 
“They’ve cleared out the damaged cars and the lamppost, and Brianna has gone home,” he whispered as he reached out to help Danielle from the floor. 
Staring at his hand, she wondered for only a moment if she should take it, if she should touch him. But for some reason, and maybe it was because of the recognition between them, she decided to trust him. Nodding, she took his hand then noticed that it was warmer than before. Puzzling. He’d better start explaining all of this very soon. 

“Heartbreakingly beautiful.” 
Almost a half a million copies downloaded. Available from Amazon and Audible 


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