Review: Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2) by Morgan Rhodes

Author: Morgan Rhodes
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: December 3rd 2013
Source: ebook (bought)


The road to power... is paved with blood and magic.
Cleo is now a prisoner in her own palace, forced to be an ambassador for Mytica as the evil King Gaius lies to her people.
Magnus stands to eventually inherit the new kingdom but is still obsessed with his feelings for his adopted sister, Lucia.
Lucia is haunted by the outcome of the breathtaking display of magic that allowed her father to capture the kingdoms.
Jonas watched at the palace gates a troop of rebels behind him, waiting for him to tell them how he plans to overtake King Gaius.
After a bloody siege, Auranos has been defeated, its young queen orphaned and dethroned. The three kingdoms—Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia—are now unwillingly united as one country called Mytica. But the allure of ancient, dangerous magic beckons still, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the whole world over...
At the heart of the fray are four brave young people grappling for that magic and the power it promises. For Cleo, the magic would enable her to reclaim her royal seat. In Jonas's hands, it frees his nation, and in Lucia's, it fulfills the ancient prophecy of her destiny. And if the magic were Magnus's, he would finally prove his worth in the eyes of his cruel and scheming father, King Gaius, who rules Mytica with a punishing hand.
When Gaius begins to build a road into the Forbidden Mountains to physically link all of Mytica, he sparks a long-smoking fire in the hearts of the people that will forever change the face of this land. For Gaius's road is paved with blood, and its construction will have cosmic consequences.

Cleo's world has been turned upside down: her whole family is gone and she is a prisoner in her own palace. She is a queen without a crown and at the mercy of her greatest enemy. The princess is forced to be an ambassador to her people as the King of Blood lies to them...
Magnus is still obsessed by his unnatural feelings for Lucia and she keeps distancing herself from him. She is haunted by her display of powers that was able to create such great destruction...
Auranos, Limeros and Paelsia are now all under king Gaius control and something dark and scary is brewing! The rebels are trying to take their kingdoms back but this king is cunning and cruel. A road, a very strange road is being built and its pavement is full of blood... human blood.
In this second instalment of the "Falling Kingdoms" series, we see a very changed world. Anything is the same. Most people are suffering and others are blissfully unaware of what is coming for them.
A group of rebels is rising! Jonas changes so much, he is so much stronger, he has finally gained a very big goal for his life: he must fight for Paelsia. Peculiar people start to join him in his fight and the king starts to see that this "little" group might actually do some damage to his new acquired kingdom union under his rule (his bloody rule).
There is no gain without hurt or suffering and that is a very important message this book transpires in every page. We must fight for our goals and when it is needed we must also fight for our freedom and our peers' lives.
I can't stress enough that this is a book that covers a great variety of topics and that reflects our society in a very peculiar way. It actually shows how the fight for power destroys and kills even is you never even know about it.
I advise this book to everyone, really you should give it a try. I'm already reading the next one!

I think this music is very related to the feels this book gives me! So please, enjoy!

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