The Reader Diaries #8 : Exhausted University Student Syndrome

Hello, my beautiful readers!
Today I come to you while suffering from something that I have been noticing is a general condition of university students all around the world: exhaustion! The crazy amount of work and study that you're expected to do in such a short time is mostly unrealistic. Still, I find myself struggling to keep it together and going trough the rest of the semester.
Coming from a mostly scientific background in high school I never expected to have so much literature to study and review or to have 6 hours of classes without any time off. While it's not easy I'm starting to enjoy myself as I start to find my place in the world and make friends.
Coming to university was a big change for me, I started living alone (with three friends) in a different and new city (Lisbon). Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and as a result of that, it is a very big and metropolitan city, which I'm not used to, coming from a more rural background.
I'm happy that even if lately I don't have much time to read I still find some time to do it and I even found some time to go to the "Baixa" and see the Christmas lights which turned me into an 18-year-old complete child. This is the last week of school and I have and Italian test tomorrow, so I should be studying and not writing but I really don not like not being able to produce as much content for you as I used to.
I've been updating the blog and I'm planning a new set of posts ( that I should be starting to post next week) such as a University Book Haul and a Christmas Book Haul. In my plans, there is also a readathon that should be called "Ana Reads a Thousand Books So She's Able to Post Good Things on Her Blog (a.k.a. Baby)" since I have at least 30 books destined to be reviewed on this blog. This way I must be able to post more regularly during exam time (January and June) and the rest of the semester. At least I hope so.
After this lengthy post, I'm going to study Italian irregular verbs and leave you with some photos I took when I went for a walk in Lisbon last week (during the holiday).

Love, Ana

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