Opinion: Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

So you have been putting off going out and buying the tones of christmas gifts we all spend so much money on every year... I'm sure you're not the only one and I'm here to help (as much as I can) with the gifts for the bookish people in your life.
Before I give any tips I just want to remind you that the presentes are not the most important thing during Christmas time. What is really important is to be with your loved ones and enjoy all the happiness and bliss that you can. If don not have money to buy gifts for your loved ones I'm sure that they will understand, do not feel bad or guilty about it!

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  • Most readers love to drink something warm while reading, or studying or even working! These mugas are just an example of how a very common object of our day to day lives can be transformed into a statement piece!

Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland Quotation Mug
Lewis Carrol Mug - 10.95£ / 13.62$ / 13.05

Book Lover Mug
Book Lover Mug - 9.99£ / 12.42$ / 11.90

  • I don't know about all the readers all over the world bu mainly for female readers fandom jewelry is the bomb! It's a subtle way to make tastes know or just to feel connected to something they love.
Rhys' Ring
Rhys's Ring - 49.84£  / 62 $ / 59.45 

Beta Quartz Pendant
Beta Quartz Necklace (Lux Series) - 24.12£ / 30 $ / 28.76

  • A reading light is something handy for your loved one that lives in a dorm or shares a room! This is a very good way for them to be able to read without waking up their roomate! (Believe me... I need this)
Led Clip Reading Light - 13.66£ / 16,99$ / 16.29

  • As a reader, my kindle is my treasure, I couldn't read half the books I read without it. This is the perfect way for readers to protect their beloved reading devices and if they don't have a kindle there are also kobo and nook (and other) covers.

Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite - 15.27£ / 18,99$ /  18.21

  • A Reader's Journal is a perfect way to keep track of all the books a person reads! It's just like a mini notebook that is ready for all your comments and annotations!
Well-Read Women: A Reader's Journal -$12,69

  • This is the solution for someone whose books keep not getting returned! Gift this to your innocent and poor friend who keeps borrowing his/her books and almost no one returns them!
Knock Knock Personal Library Kit - $18,50

  • And if your friend has more ideas than space to write them down a cute note book is also a very good gift!
Shadow Tapestry Journal - $3.99

Thank you for reading this post!
Merry Christmas

Love, Ana
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