The Reader Diaries #4 : Studying, Reading and Blogging

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So... My exams have started and I'm freaking out! How can I possibly study, read and blog at the same time, this is absolute chaos. Maybe that's why have been away so much these last few months, I'm trying to pass my exams with high grades in order to be admitted to a good university.
My problem is that, besides not being able to rest properly, I have so many new and beautiful galleys to read that I just don't want to study, I want to be free, sleep late and read all day. In the end of the day, I can't really be the only person in the world with that problem.
I also don't want to stop blogging and it has been really hard but I'm trying to post at least one time per week, it's my duty as a dedicated book lover blogger and it's good to clear my head from time to time (that and watching the new Game of Thrones episodes, even if I just want the new book to come out so it's not completely spoiled).
I found out that the best way to accomplish everything I need and want to do in my day is to plan my entire week upfront. I simply grab a weekly spread from Google and print it, then I write down what I want to accomplish each day. In the end of each day, I plan and set my goals for the next day with timetables so my time is restricted and I don't fool myself thinking I'm doing something when I'm not. In my head is better to study a little less but totally focused than to study a lot and having no clue of what I'm doing.
Another trick I want to share with you is the importance of colour coding and highlighting, they may not seem important but when your notes are colour-coded and highlighted it's easier for you to discern the importance of a certain subject and to focus on the important bits, it kind of subconsciously organises your brain.
I hope you are having a great week and I can't wait for my Summer vacations to start so I can read, review and share bookish thing with you all!

Love, Ana
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