Review: Chimera (Weaver #1) by Vaun Murphrey

Author:   Vaun Murphrey 
Publisher: Artemis Femme
Publication Date: July 29th 2014
Source: ebook (given by Netgalley)


If you witnessed your parents killed at age five for reasons unknown only to endure eight years of isolation in captivity, what would you do with your life when you were suddenly rescued by family you never knew you had? What if you yourself were even more than you seemed? The universe can be both a terrible and wonderful place to live if you have the courage to explore it.
*The publisher provided this book in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.*
Cassandra is a thirteen-year-old girl that has lived in captivity most of her life, going through horrid experiences, like having her parents murdered in front of her and many other things until the day her uncle is able to break her out her captor's claws.
Entering a new world and discovering she has abilities she never even knew existed Cassandra is scared to walk this new path with her unknown family.
This is a very simple book but, at the same time, a very complex one. The main idea of the book is great but it sometimes lacks in execution, becoming a little bit confusing.
Cassandra is a great main character, having all the beautiful and polished traits she should have but also showing that suffering and crying don't mean weakness but sometimes it means resilience, the only problem is that she's in a lot of situations that seem a little too mature for a thirteen-year-old girl. The other characters are also very good and complex, even though there are other "too young situations".
In terms of plot, the story is actually very rich and diverse, having a few fails, due to its complexity and fast pace, it's very easy to miss some important details on your way to the end.
Overall it is a good book and an enjoyable read so, if you like Young Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi-ish and paranormal-ish books you should check it out!

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