Opinion: How Organized Shelves Can Change Your Reading Mood

Hello my lovely book lovers! Today I bring you a slightly different post about bookshelves and how they can improve your reading mood!
Most readers have already realized that when you have your shelves organized your reading mood improves drastically (in a beautiful way). Even if it doesn't seem like it you have to think of the beneficts of having beautiful and organized shelves:

  1. You always know where your books are : Haven't we all been in that place where we want to read a book but we just can't seem to find it? I know it's true. When your shelves are organized and decluttered you always know where your books are. My advise is to organize by author, series and publication date (maybe not the last).
  2. It looks pretty : Who doesn't like to have pretty shelves? I don't know! Seriously, I have never ever met one reader that doesn't get all tingly and dreamy when his/hers shelves are all beautiful and organized. Add a thingamabob here and a candle there and you'll see how wonderful it'll look.
  3. It makes your room seem more tidy : Speaking for myself, I'm a very disorganized person and my parents are always getting mad because my room is so hectic... they even refer to it as a "mine field". I have a little trick to make it seem more tidy than it really is: I frequently organize and clean my bookshelves! If you have that huge space decluttered, clean and organized it's less one untidy element in your room. Due to their large size bookshelves are really noticeable and if you keep them tidy you'll notice that suddenly your room doesn't seem so unorganized.
  4. It's healthier : Books acumulate dust and dust it's not good for people, especially if you're allergic. Keeping your shelves clean and dust and mold free it's not only good for you but also for your books, since mold definitely ruins your precious treasures.
These advantages are just a few that I was able to come up with, but how does this affect your reading mood? Well, if you know where your books are, then you'll always be able to pick the one you want to read quickly, if your shelves are organized then it looks good and it makes you happy, what increases the chances of you wanting to read and many more examples!
Sometime ago I made a video showing my bookshelves (at least one of them) and how amazing they looked:

Last week I reorganized them and here it's how they look now:

I have noticed that my mood has improved and that I want to read more and more books! I really feel lighter and my room feels so much better now. It has even improved my concentration for studying, since I don't have to look at messy bookshelves anymore while I'm trying to finf limits on my maths homework.
I hope this post has helped you in any way! Please leave a comment bellow telling me your opinion on this topic.
Love, Ana

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