Review: Allegiance (Betrothed #2) by Wanda Wiltshire

Author: Wanda Wiltshire
Publisher: Pantera Press
Publication Date: July 1st 2014
Source: ebook (purchased)

Having returned home, Marla seems to quickly forget her Faery Prince, Leif... And strangely, she starts seeing her best friend Jack in a different way...
Tensions mount within this doomed love triangle after Leif, unwilling to part with his betrothed, strikes a deal with his father, the fiery King Telophy, to travel to Earth to win Marla back.
Meanwhile in the enchanting land of Faera, more and more of King Telophy’s subjects are vanishing – victims of a shadowy presence.
Leif flies back to to Faera, with Marla and Jack to help vanquish this deadly threat.
Shifting shadows, bonds of blood, and with their lives in danger … Marla is conflicted, relying on both Leif and Jack for support.
But who will she choose?
And can the three save Faera in time? - Goodreads

Having returned home, it seems that Marla has forgot all about her Faery Prince Leif, having started to date her best friend Jack... which she wasn't expecting.
A love triangle takes shape between Leif, Marla and Jack and things start to get rough, since Leif doesn't want to let Marla go and even dares to defy his father, King Telophy, in order to win back Marla.
Meanwhile, in Faera, more and more faeries seem to be the victims of a dark presence, adding to the tension that the royal family already lives. When Leif hears this he flies back to Faera, with Marla and Jack, hoping they can help to annihilate the threat.
While living this dangerous adventure, Marla feels conflicted between her feelings for both guys and starts to lean on both of them for support. Is that fair? She has to choose, but who will she choose?
Can they save Faera in time?
This is an exciting continuation to an already amazing story. I never thought I would like love triangles but this one was well placed and excellently handled!
Magical worlds and magical characthers are a must and this book has them, besides that the writing is beautiful and engaging. I have to admit that I was a little afraid that the story was a little cliché but it wasn't and that scored many points for me!
Through this book we dive deeper into the love story if Marla and Leif and what's been happening between them and their families and finally get a good glimpse at Faera!!!
This is an excellent book for fantasy lovers and, even if you aren't you should give them a chance because you're not going to regret it!

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