Review Policy

*NEWS* I will be living in England from September 2018 until January 2019. If there are authors who would like to submit print copies for review, please don't hesitate to contact me in that period of time. 
I feel that I should put my Review Policy into words in case anyone is interested in my reviews and wants me to review something.

Languages I will accept:
  • Portuguese;
  • English;
  • Spanish.
Review copies I will accept:
  • ARC;
  • Finished Copy;
  • Ebook (pdf;epub).
Self-published: I will review self-published books. However, please contact me about it before you send me anything.

Genres I review: I will review any genre of books but, if possible, I'll stick with: YA, NA, upper middle grade, adult, historical romance, fantasy, classic, classic adaptations, teen, paranormal romance and similar genres.

About my reviews: My reviews include a rating, a release date, a synopsis and optionally a character analysis. I will be honest and true to my opinion so I'll recommend the book, or not, accordingly with my review and thoughts of the book itself. I will always state that the book was sent to me for review.

Timing: Please do note that I live in a foreign country and the shipping takes its time and that I'm currently in university so it might take me a little longer to review the book if it's not sent to me with some spare time.

Other services: I will consider other services, like hosting giveaways, interviewing authors and participating in blog tours.

If I don't answer your email right away please wait and don't insist. I'm a student and there are times when I have to focus on my studies and I can't open the 50+ emails I receive every day.

Contact me:

Please contact me with any requests at


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  3. do you review poetry?

  4. Hello Ana, DO YOU accept e-books or only print copies. Thanks:)

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