Rating System

1/2 to 1 rose: This book is trash! Don't read it! (This only differs in the amount of dislike, the meaning is the same)

1,5 roses: Could be so much better! It needs a really good book doctor!

2 to 2,5 roses: Please work on this! It could be a good book if you took the time...

3 roses: Getting there!

3,5 roses: Is not a good book but it's so close!

4 roses: It's so good! I liked it!

4,5 roses: I liked it! It's almost perfect but not quite there!

5 roses: Absolute perfection! I will take care of it with my life!


  1. Hi there Ana! This is a great rating system. I would recommend you have a new page on your blog labeled 'rating system', obviously, so people perusing your blog can easily see it.

    1. Thank you! I did just did it!
      Love, Ana

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