Unboxing: Fairyloot December 2018

Hi guys! As always, my blog posts are always created in a very timely manner... Well, you know very well that I am joking. Just within the last 3 weeks, I had exams, I moved back to Portugal and I started my second semester at university, already back in Lisbon, which includes a 2-hour commute on a daily basis. I will be posting at least two more posts on my The Erasmus Diaries series, hopefully sometime within the next month, in which I will discuss examinations and coming back home after living abroad for a full semester.
Since I was in England I took my cue and ordered my first Fairyloot box! This is not a sponsored post (Fairyloot you can sponsor me all you want) and even though some time has passed since this edition, I still believe it is worth sharing. The box not only contains a book and bookish items but it also includes amazing original artwork.

This is what I first saw when I opened the box: a spoiler card with dragon themed artwork and you can see the little purple (and very cute) paper worms. This box was dragon themed and everything was on cue! As this was my first box, I was very excited just to have the chance to open it, since I had been dreaming of getting one for years.
Spoiler Card

It was in this edition that Fairyloot started a new Tarot card collection, inspired by book characters. These characters were the result of a vote by Fairyloot subscribers and are inspired by the A Court of Thornes and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas.
Spoiler Card by FairyLoot
Manon Blackbeak artwork by Diana Dworak
Amren and Cassian Tarot Cards by Emily Haynes

Next, there was a very cute and, the same time, imposing dragon necklace with glow-in-the-dark wings! The material felt really good and it came in a very nice and storable jewellery box. I could not resist editing it a bit so it looks even more whimsical. This is the perfect accessory for when you want a touch of "book related magic" to your day-to-day outfits.
Dragon Necklace by Fairyloot

This seems like an odd item to include but honestly I thought it was a genius idea! This is a pin/badge flag. In this piece of nicely shaped cloth, you can display all of those bookish pins that you are too afraid to wear (in case you lose them). In my case, I noticed that I have a lot of Scouts related pins that are almost enough to fill this flag. This is very useful to store the pins, this way I do not need to use the space in my drawers.
Pin Flag  by Fairyloot

I will confess that this next item is one that I love very much. It is a book sleeve! I always have to take my books with me to university and I have when they get ruined in my bag. I know this is one of those first-world-problems but if I am going to spend copious amounts of money in books I can as well as keep them as preserved as I can. For me, the two main enemies for my books are humidity and my backpack and this solves at least one of those problems. I have been loving bringing books along my commute in my new book sleeve.
Book Sleeve by Sweet Sequels

When I tell you that for me this was a great box it is also because they included one of the things that I always wanted to try: there was a specially designed reading journal! I have not taken photos of the inside but please trust me when I tell you that it has beautiful artwork and useful reading trackers. I have been using it to track my school readings as well as try to motivate me to read more, in order to publish more reviews. Believe me, I have a lot of books waiting for me to read/review them.
Reading Journal by Fiction Tea Designs

One of the different things about this box from the usual Fairyloot repertoire is that it brought two books! The first one was an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson, that is only going to be published in July 2019. It is described as "Eragon meets And I Darken" which has me very keen to read it. It also seems to be somewhat small so I may even turn it into a commute book (these commutes are making me read more and more).

Advanced Reading Copy of The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson

The main book in the Fairyloot boxes always comes inside a blind bag with an author letter, Fairyscoop (a mini pamphlet that talks about the publishing business and writing) and the month's bookmark! Basically, you receive a useful book pouch every month.
The Fairyloot book pouch!

The book of the month was a hardcover signed copy of Fire and Heist by Sarah Beth Durst and I have already started reading this book. Unsurprisingly, it talks about dragons! This work discusses a girl who is part of a special kind of dragons, wyverns. Wyverns look like humans and have lost their ability to transform into dragons but they are all also really good thieves. It talks about a girl who is willing to do anything to find out where her mother is and also about how much wyverns love gold.

Overall, I really loved this box and will buy it again someday. It is not very cheap because of shipping but you get your money's worth in amazing, sometimes exclusive, bookish items!

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  1. Great post, Ana! I always love reading FairyLoot unboxings because their items are always so original and gorgeous. I'm especially drooling over that dragon necklace (love the whimsical little edit). Hope you enjoy the books!

    1. Hi Inge! I really loved this box :) the necklace is even more amazing at night when the dragon wings glow! I have already finished reading "Fire & Heist" and you can expect a review soon!
      Thank you for your comment and much love <3

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