Book Highlight: Legends of Eld: The Dragon of Elfwood by A.D. Greer

Legends of Eld: The Dragon of Elfwood by A.D. Greer

Genre: Fantasy
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There is a world behind the world... A land where elves strike from the trees, goblins grow underground, unicorns protect the pure of heart, and a dragon will try to conquer them all. Cole, an inexperienced but passionate new hero, inspires a solar-powered knight, a greedy locksmith, a beautiful but fierce elf, an eccentric wizard, and a wisecracking rat, to join him on his quest to rescue the princess of Redlund from the dragon of Elfwood. Read the first book in a new epic adventure about the unlikely heroes who were destined to become legends
About The Author
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, A.D. Greer lives in Sunnyside, Queens with his wife and their adorable cocker spaniel. The Legends of Eld: The Dragon of Elfwood is his first novel.
"I love to make people laugh and think. My favourite past-time is writing and reading my books to my wife."

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