The Reader Diaries #16: Summer is over

This is not news for anyone, we all now that the Autumn has officially begun and with that school has also opened its doors. In my case, this means I have to get out of little lovely (well, not that lovely) town and go back to university in Lisbon. Even if I am sad to have to leave home I am actually excited for this new year. I know that I will - well I actually have already started... - have interesting class subjects, even though they have a massive workload.
This semester I am enrolled in Classic Culture, English History and Culture (16th to 18th centuries), English Literature (16th and 17th centuries), English C1.2 and Italian B1. As you can see by their names, these subjects require a hefty amount of reading. The worst thing is not to have a lot of things to study and study - I really love that part - my problem is that every professor wants me to finish reading all of the books by November. I am going to let you know that I have around 17 books to read and analyse.

My copy of the Iliad by Homer and my note-taking notebook.
This week I have started to make a dent on my copy of the Iliad and have developed a method to make my study more efficient: I read it a canto at a time and while I do that I take notes of the main things (and which lines they're at) in my pretty simple A5 lined notebook. I also write in my book, mainly my reactions and the meaning of the words I do not understand. I believe this will make my life a lot easier when it comes to revising. I already have one canto and a half down... there's only 23 and a half left... and 16 other books.
Even though I am starting uni with a lot of work I can rejoice while remembering my amazing vacation!

I camped, I slept under the stars, I walked amongst deserted paths, I read, I laughed, I lived and I learned! I met new people and got out of my comfort zone. I did so much but it still feels like I did so little. 
This summer I had the opportunity to visit London and even visited the Bodleian Library in Oxford. I experienced new things in a country I had never been to and I made plans for the future, I dreamt of new goals to achieve and thought about the way I face day to day life.
Being lost in art and in new streets always inspires me so I took my little sketchbook and I drew what I saw and felt. I met wonderful people and daydreamed in Hyde Park. I ripped my pants in the middle of Oxford Street and I read a book on the Oxford Tube. I also brought a suitcase full of tea... Yes, I know I have an addiction.
Now is time to turn my game on and start building my future career with knowledge and good grades. It is time to bury my head in books and get lost in them. It is time to revel in learning and living. It is time to worry about my health and actually try to do sports and eat well.
This is the time for a new me. I wish you all a very happy start of classes and my heart is with you on this journey. I leave you with a very appetizing pile of brownies that I baked.
Love, Ana

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