Book Highlight: Xenosaber: Fury of the Stars by Jedaiah Ramnarine

Xenosaber: Fury of the Starsby Jedaiah Ramnarine

Xenosaber: Fury of the Stars (A Fantasy Adventure Novel) by [Ramnarine, Jedaiah]

Fantasy, Epic, Sword and Sorcery, Science Fiction

One will awaken it. One will destroy it.
After his home is destroyed, a mysterious drifter finds himself on a journey to unite heroes and stop an exiled prince and a zealous cult from unleashing a weapon that can destroy worlds.
When exiled prince Baldr and the Order of the Void ride into the mystical lands of Star World, they bring with them a fate that can shake nations to their foundations. Jaival, a young drifter with a head full of wanderlust and a past shrouded in darkness, might just be Star World's only hope.
What happens next, sets Jaival on a journey for the exceptionally brave, or the exceptionally desperate, leading him to seek the assistance of an ancient hero, Mikael, in Eira - a whole kingdom built on secrets, under the guidance of an outlawed sorceress, Sorata. Within the bustling city, Jaival runs into Danzul - the Last Guardian, Cyrus - Paladin of the North, and discovers a mystical connection to Princess Arya - a young, wise oracle with an inquisitive spirit who has foreseen the approaching storm.
But this is only the beginning of their adventure. Something else is stirring in the land, something more ominous than the mounting threat of total war. Whispers of a lingering presence call to the heroes, compelling them to find and unite the pieces of the Xenosaber - a weapon of unimaginable power, capable of razing entire planets and freeing a vengeful evil from its ancient prison.
Discover Xenosaber, a timeless elven fantasy epic, where sword, magic, ancient technology and adventure awaits.

Something about the author:
Gaming legend among multiple communities, avid writer and researcher.

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