The Reader Diaries #7 : The Book That Started It All

One thing on which all readers might agree is that we have that book/s that started our "compulsive reading disorder" as I sometimes refer to the fact that reading has become a major part of my life and that I can't stay longer than two days away from my beloved books. Not that reading a lot is a disorder, I think that it's something that is quite essential for any human being, it helps us to be more knowledgeable and cultured in various subjects, I only like to joke around the fact that I read crazy amounts of books. I read so much that some of my friends think I'm actually an alien.
When I was little, like in second grade, I loathed reading and everything that had anything to do with it. Usually, when someone asked me to read something I screamed and shouted and cried until they let me go and made someone else do it.
But one magnificent day my aunt put in her head that she had to buy me a book and make me read it and so she picked me up and took me to a Bertrand (a Portuguese bookstore chain) and after trying to advise me some books and, seeing that it wasn't worth it, she just picked up this special pink book and put it in my hands (while I made disgusted faces).
And that book was:

Joined together in an extraordinarily close relationship, Walt Disney World and Orlando, Florida, have become the world's most popular tourist destination. This title traces the history of the ups and downs of this marriage and tells the inside story of Disney's use and abuse of unparalleled governmental powers. The tale raises important questions about cities and the economic development choices they confront.
The different thing about this book was that it actually had  age appropriate content (as in it was interesting for my age at the time, not something about bumblebees, that got old really fast for me) and it had some pictures, like old book kind of pictures but they were still pretty and still made the book seem less stuffy and heavy.
From there I started picking up book after book until I got to what I read today. I really think this is an amazing book for all those little girls who are just starting to read.

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