Review: Hour of Mischief by Aimee Hyndman

Author: Aimee Hyndman
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication Date: September 7th 2015
Source: ebook (given by Netgalley)


Born in a whorehouse in the slums of Fortuna and burdened with a prosthetic arm, seventeen-year-old JANET REDSTONE doesn’t think she owes the Clockwork Gods anything—which is why she makes a living stealing from their temples. But when she lands her team in prison, making a pact with the God of Mischief, ITAZURA, is the only way to right her wrongs and free her friends.
Janet doesn’t trust Itazura as far as she can punch him, but with her soul in his hands, she has no choice but to do what he says. The clockwork gods and the bad-tempered elder gods of the ancient past are locked in a game of cat and mouse and the human realms are caught in the middle. If Janet can’t somehow convince the gods to step in a save the world, humanity is in an abyss of trouble.
Using her unconventional wits, an impressive tolerance to alcohol, and a strong right hook, Janet has to convince the gods that humanity is worth saving. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult to stop an apocalypse when you’re slowly being driven crazy by the Lord of Mischief, especially when he starts growing on you.

*The publisher provided this book in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.*
Janet Redstone was born in a whorehouse in the slums of Fortuna and has to carry the burden of a prosthetic arm so she doesn't feel like she owes the Clockwork Gods anything, making a living off stealing goods from their temples. When she lands in prison the God of Mischief, Itazura, is her only way out, the only way to right her wrongs and save her friends.
Making a pact, her soul is now in his hands and she must help him succeed in his impossible mission in order to save the human realms, but facing the gods is no easy task, she must use every bit of her strength and knowledge. When you have to trust the God of Mischief you find yourself wondering if you are sane but that's exactly what Janet has to do in order to save herself and the human race.
This book was a little below my expectations, I took a long while to read it because I found that, sometimes, I just had to put it down and stop to pick it up later.
I liked the characters and laughed because of them, one thing that stood out in this book was its diversity in characters and backstories, I don't remember the last time I actually read about a badass main character that rocks a prosthetic arm and still kicks ass or of a Mischievious God who it's actually quite sincere.
Although this wasn't my style you should consider to give it a go.

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