Review: Shades of Doon (Doon #3) by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

Author:  Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon 
23433222Publisher: Blink
Publication Date: September 1st 2015
Source: ebook (given by Netgalley)


After cheating death, Veronica Welling is determined to savor every moment in her idyllic kingdom with both her true love and best friend by her side at last. At the same time, Mackenna Reid is enthusiastically building her new life and a theater with her prince. But just as their dreams of happiness are within reach, the world Vee and Kenna have chosen is ripped away, leaving them to face their most horrific challenge yet—their old lives.
Thrust out of Doon, the best friends are confronted with tormentors from their past and no way to return to their adopted land. When the MacCrae brothers rush to their rescue, the girls' situation turns from nightmare to modern-day fairy tale. But their happiness could be short lived: unbeknownst to them, someone in their closest circle is aiding the witch of Doon in her bid to destroy the kingdom once and for all.

*The publisher provided this book in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.*
After some troubled adventures, all Veronica wants to do is to savour every moment she can spend in her kingdom with her true love and her best friend by her side. At the same time, Mackenna has started to build her new life and her new theatre. The problem is that in the middle of all this bliss Vee and Kenna are roughly ripped away of all they have built and they have to face all they left behind before heading to Doon.
They can't go back to Doon and they desperately try to get by while they are confronted with tormentors from their past. Luckily the MacCraer brothers appear to rescue them and the happiness returns, the only problem is that someone in their midst might be aiding the wicked witch of Doon.
Oh, my heart! This series is going to kill me someday, I swear it. My heart can't take such joy and then such desperation and pain, the contrast is abysmal.
I feared that the series would become dull as the books went on but I was wrong! There's so many new things to discover, so many secrets to uncover and so many situations to escape from. I'm never bored while reading these books.
This is a prime example of character development and intrigue insertion in the story, the first few moments of peril have passed and now there's a new/old danger that is coming our way. The world changes with every page and my heart quickens with every paragraph. If this is not a surreal reading experience then I don't know what is.
This is a great book for every fantasy and Scotland lover and also for every daydreamer in the world! You'll travel and learn, you'll also suffer... and you'll enjoy it!

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