Bookshelf Organization

Hi guys!!!!
I know I have been away for far too long but school has been keeping me from developing any kind of hobby!
I didn't had any breaks between tests and I also had scout compromises and doctor appointments to attend so it has been very very hard.
To reddem my self, I bring you a little post about bookshelf organization!
This sunday I finally had a little spare time so I took the time to organize and clean my shelfs!!! (#bookshelfporn)
I think this is something that every book lover struggles with "How do I do this s****?", so I'll tell you my small plan:
  1. Take everything from the shelves.
  2. Clean the shelves (dust and other stuff).
  3. Plan how do you want to organize them (I usually do: author, genre, love).
  4. Clean the dust from each book as you are putting them on the shelves (this is very important for people with allergies).
  5. Put all of your books on the shelves.
  6. Clean and put your decorations on the shelves.
  7. Open your window to let the dust out of the room (very important if the bookshelf in question is in your room).
  8. Enjoy your perfectly organized bookshelf!
This is how my shelves turned out:

One of my main goals, besides cleaning, was to try to gain more space for other books and I think I nailed it (before some of my books weren't even on my shelves)!
I'm pretty satisfied with the final result, what do you think?

Love, Ana 

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