The Stigma Of Being A Reader a.k.a. Bookworm

Today I'm going to talk, maybe "write" is more suitable, a little about the major stigma of being a avid reader.
Our society likes to think that "bookworms" are the kind of people that stay at home all the time just reading in complete isolation, with no friends, with complete dislike of nature!
We have to battle that stigma! I'm proud to say that I'm a "bookworm" but that I'm also a scout and that I study sciences and I also want to be a neuroscientist in the future! I know that I'm not the only one!
How many of you study sciences or already practice them and are "bookworms"? How many of you are nature lovers and are "bookworms"?
You may be amazed by the quantity of people that will respond affirmatively to these questions!
My favorite way to read is to seat on my balcony and hear people pass by. When it's hot outside I like to go out to my yard and read (or study) while I'm laying on the grass!
I love trekking!
I'm putting up some pictures of things that I've seen while travelling on foot!
Paris, France

Scouts Camp, Valada- Portugal

Athens, Greece

Island Of Kos, Greece

Island Of Kos, Greece

Island Of Kos, Greece
A Rose, Somewhere In The Middle Of Portugal

Island Of Kos, Greece
As you can see, I might be a "bookworm" but I also like to travel and to walk around everywhere!
So "bookworms" unite! Let's show the other ones how we roll!
Love, Ana

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