Buying Books Online: The Struggle.

Today I'm going to talk about the struggle of buying books online from foreign countries.
Living in a country where buying books on scores is very expensive I like to order books online. It's my way of saving money while I'm buying things I really like and love.
I live in Portugal, and many of the books I like are not even translated to my language so my only option is to order on foreign countries sites.
The books in there are very inexpensive but do you want to know what makes this whole thing really bad? I have to pay to bring the books from the original countries to Portugal!
I have to pay extra money and I don't think that's fair!
Well there are some sites where I don't need to pay extra but the books there are more expensive!
So this is my struggle: buy more expensive books without paying more or buy less expensive books and pay a little more.
What's your struggle?
Love, Ana

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