10 Ways in How You Can Read a Book

Reading a book is always a fun task, here I made a list of 10 ways you can read a book.

1.  In the Winter, in the dark, under a blanket while drinking hot tea;

2.  In the Summer by the pool, while getting tanned;

3.  In the gym while you run on the treadmill;

4.  Laying in bed with your legs up on the wall;

5.  In the balcony (sunset is perfect and inspiring);

6.  While in a bubble bath;

7.  While you are eating;

8.   While you are hiking it’s always good to read on pauses;

9.  While you are making long trips (train, car, plain, boat…)

10.               Before going to bed, after a good bath, under a blanket, to relax your brain.

So I hope you liked my list! Let me know in the comments and give suggestions so I can make another!
Love, Ana


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